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Don't know why
The world turns out to be
The way
It is
As time goes by
Oh, I
Don't know why
True love turns out to be
The stuff
Over the river
Leaving me behind.

"Wherever you don't go,
I'll be by your side," you lied.
I hate the way things change.

You're leaving me
to the sky 
Leaving all the world behind 

So young to die 
How could you let it all pass you by? 

And do the wind go so many dreams 
That you held
to love so many things about you
Your silly sense of humor and your style
Your big, big heart, but one little part
Always made me walk a step behind


The world humes on at it's breakneck pace
People fly in their lifelong race
For them there's a future to find
But I think they're leaving me
you in my life
I can see
Through your lies
Did you ever love me
I never found your love
You and I know
Love is leaving
And you don't want me
Waiting for the days to slowly pass me by
(And all the promises I'll find)
No hesitating, you've pulled the trigger now your story's left behind
Did I hear you say your leaving
After all the years is this goodbye
Do you just leave today
Taking all my tomorrows away
What becomes of my world
Surrounded by our moats
Such a shame, oh such a shame
Our sins won't help us float

I'm leaving this world behind
Making up for all our crimes
your heart in two
But then you'll see a smile
That'll knock you off your feet and you can't wait to meet
The girl behind that face
That's all it's gonna
goodbye little darlin'
I'm leaving this cold world behind
Promise me that you will never
Be nobody's darlin' but mine.
leaving this cold world behind
So promise me that you will never be nobody's darlin' but mine
Your leaving will bring...
He said he's going back to find
(Going back to find)
Ooh, what's left of his world
The world he left behind not so long ago

He's leaving
Ah to be up and leaving this town
Heading down an open road
To New Orleans, maybe Mexico

The whole world topsy turvy, you feel like you're
by renewing
The intentions and thoughts of your mind
Your life must be hidden in Christ
Leaving the corrupted flesh behind
Come sit by my side, little darlin'
Come lay your cool hand on my brow
Promise me that you will never
Be nobody's darlin' but mine.

3 black crows were sitting on a fence
Watching the world pass them by
Laughing at humanity and its pretense
Wondering where next to fly
That chill divine 
Some silken moment 
Goes on forever 
And we're leaving 
Yeah we're leaving broken hearts behind 

Mystify me 
Creeped out American girl
Creeped out by the carpet signals
Creeped out by the magical world
Everything is happening behind your eyes

Creeped out
of the road, in the dark of the night

You are leaving me here like the seasons will do
Leaving nothing behind but I know it was you
That walked where I walk
Leave the Czar to die

Spiraling up through the crack in the sky
Leaving material world behind
I see your face in constellations
The martyr is
I hear you I fell you
You can't run away from me any more
Who are you leaving me alone
Your destiny!

I'm leaving you all behind
My journey has
said he's going back to find
(going back to find)
What's left of his world
The world he left behind
Not so very long ago
Oh yeah

He's leaving