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It glows in the dark
Glows in the dark:
You say "there's not a lot
Of me
Left anymore
Just leave it alone.
But if you're buy, and you have
There's nothing I want
But money and time
Million dollar bills
And a tick tick tick tick

There's nothing more cruel
Than only nine lives
A limit in
you on your cellular phone
There's no way you can hide the won't leave you alone
Cd-rom to Dvd, vinyl Lp to mp3
Welcome to the computer age
You've got
There's nothing I want but money and time
Million dollar bills and a tick tick tick tick
There's nothing more cruel
Than only nine lives
A limit
It's Friday and my bills are due
My 3 month old baby need some shoes
Can you feel what I'm going through
Clock on the wall keeps ticking tockin
leaves the bad habits
Drugs layin' in buildings with great big automatics
Anonimos' in the hood, it's a fact, we could do magic
Splatter fagots in
that ooh ahh sound
I'ma push up on ya slow
Get ya right by the end of the night
Do something sweet 
Like massage ya feet
And put Pretty Ricky cd
I sit and think about it and wondered how this shit would of went
If me and Bill would’ve went back then?
Well fuck that, I’m the East coast Easy
broke, that was a easy decision
My mission was to make dough, not end up in prison
But I'm still in a helll of my own
Bill collectors won't leave me
It was the first time ever he saw her
He saw his future in a long white cotton gown
Sittin' there at the church house, she was gonna get baptized
are not 
Permitted to leave 

I know there's a big world out there like the 
One I saw on the screen 
In my living room late last night,
It was
than you did yesterday
You’ve been growing up while I was away

You made a pile of leaves in the front yard, I guess it’s already fall
By the look
There's a pink world
Comin' down
Yeah, there's a pink world
Comin' down
In a quite little village by the sea
I hear the calling and it calls for you
Leon Dixon leaves his Christmas lights up all year 'round
It's somethin' different about our town
We've often wondered why he never takes 'em down
the rich and poor alike I don't care
Walk into Times Square and leave a bomb there
Fuck with us and try to come get us
And right here right now
I'm gonna
and panache
He'll leave you sore like a venereal rash

They tried to catch him, he says, time to dash
He always leaves a party with a wallet full of cash
arrest your president to live on your pay and still get by

Yea, we'll always be one debt away (one debt away)
And there will always be one more bill
baby, it's time for goodbye

Say goodbye to your daddy and bye to your mama
Lay some rubber on the road in this little blue Honda
Leave the bills
And if ya tape ain't jammin it's not gone sell

[Lil' Flip]
Down south it's rolex and cardiere
We don't go to clubs unless they got a party there

Lying there
With a halo in her hair she cried
There are feathers everywhere
But it's fine
You do this all the time

Crying now
Through a rusted smile
The sentences of cynics
Are the sentences of childhood

They're all talking shit to me

Out-talked by the mass media
to pay the bills it lies
And the lies
Go on and taste your dreams
Leave me with the bill
and miss me half as much as you say you will
You can make me believe you’d need me still
Don't forget to remember me."

This downtown apartment sure makes me miss home
And those bills there on the counter
Keep telling me I'm on my own
And there's a fifty in the ashtray if you run short on cash
Here's a map and here's a bible if you ever lose your way
Just one more thing before you leave
and told me
"Baby come through"
I said unlock the door
And I'll be there in a few
Brought "Love and Basketball"
and ordered some food
Now it's time

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