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Show me the sun
The power it has on everyone
Show me the sounds
The silence that nature abounds

I can see the leafless trees
I can see the island in
and doubts and
I hope that you won't break me down
I'm cold and leafless in the silence
Got my head spinning for so long now 
I put my heart and my soul into
Pleads louder than the stirring oaks
The leafless lanes along
The leafless lanes along

It calls the choirboys from their tea
And villagers, the two
A leafless autumn, and no spring

I'm fadin out, yeah
I'm faded now
Baby i'm spacin out


You got me where you want me
You got me where you want me now
i decline
leafless tree, no allies around me

leafless tree, no allies around me
pale is the night, to no avail, i decline
Underneath the swollen sun
Waiting for the cold to come
It's funny how she totes her gun at me

Underneath a leafless tree
Not enough shade for me
There's a leafless tree in Asia
Under the sun there's a homeless man
There's a forest fire in the valley
Where the story all began

What will be
Pleads louder than the stirring oaks
The leafless lanes along. (2x)

It calls the choirboys from their tea
And villagers, the two or three,
Damp down
By the darkest river, beneath the leafless trees
I think I'm drowning, this dream is killing me
(Wake up, wake up, wake up)
In the coldest winter,
Spineless bitches in backless dresses
Wore my feelings on my sleeveless
My weed seedless, my trees leafless
I miss my diagonal grilled cheeses
And back
the trailing wire
Into the leafless wood

Night falling on the city
Quite something to behold
Don't it just look so pretty
This disappearing world
Of the leafless trees
And you won't be alone, I am beside you

Yo eh, oh eh, oh eh, oh eh
Yo eh, oh eh, oh eh, oh eh
Yo eh, oh eh, oh eh, oh
The leafless tree looked like a brain
The birds within were all the thoughts and desires within me
Hoppin' around from branch to branch, or snug in

I read the trail your feet made
Each step was deliberately placed
It looks like you know where it leads
But I see nothing but leafless, frozen
shit to weigh and I'm leafless
If I shoot first, I ain't got to sweat the defense
You should know the story, I ain't gotta set the pretense
they leafless 
Inhale with two real deep breaths, hold my breath 
Til the whole planet suffocates and then release it [release it] 
[HOOK 2X:]
tornadas, hand grown tomatas 
Post Office Lady, Flatonia Next Right.
Two horses noddin' at a leafless tree,
Waitin' in vain to be taken from the rain.
Rubies in the snow
Steps falling into the sea
Echoes of your hands
Shaking as a leafless tree

Lifeless pressure
Over timid delights
A breath of this challenge
It's beyond layers, call me the cold season
See, it's time to change your clothes
The leafless trees
From the empty half
From your
rollin in the mud
And feeling empty
Came outside to see
The trees weren’t leafless
Cross my hands and
Pray up to Jesus
People in my life
They were helping
and forming
I’ll keep my case fed with
Leafless showings of
Tantric frames in
Blue lights, glowing
Patched in symmetry
It’s my
Passive energy
Its my
Leafless branches scratching all against the bottom of the greyest fucking sky
I'm living in the mist of patchwork in between it
I'm never gonna die
in our track,
Arms raised stiffly to reprove
In false attitudes of love.
Starving through
the leafless wood
Trolls run scolding for their food
In violent dreams I hide
Your name comes to me on the breeze
From streets of curiosities
And dies beside the leafless trees
In violent dreams I hide

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