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And pulsing like a wave
I catch the last train out
The last ones are the first to leave
The trees all leafing out in spring
And I'm out walking in the lamplight
can console

I'm leafing through the pages
That you wrote yesterday
In your world of illusions
Behind your curtain I did stray
It's a riddle for
expound before the ages
While we are leafing through the pages
The office blocks from which we march
The mirrored shades shades of the patriarch
ripped out my heart when the flowers started blooming
I thought you'd be holding me when we're old
Our love is like

Seasons changing
Pages leafing
Let the war begin
For my tether's worn thin
Meek and mild have had their turn
Let the siren sing

Leafing through the memory vault
Truth on paper
the striking red
the striking red,
the striking bullet
Silence on the wall
I'm leafing through a
wordless bible
(Take a look and unlock
Q&A Got no response)
I'm cocky, I'm reachin'
It's ugly, like when old lady's ain't decent
I don't like leafing, my weight like a vegan
But compared to y'all on the mic,
But they don't seem to care
The last time that I saw them
They were leafing through your hair

Fingerprints, fingerprints
Where are you now my
to California English

No one sits inside a freezing flat and stays there 'til May
Leafing through a stack of A to Z's to surf the UK
Waiting with the wind
Picked up the afternoon paper
And went leafing through the local news when I
Saw all the false accusations
About the situation we allegedly had
She was riding on the airline leafing through their magazine
They said, "We'll fly you to the homeland that you have never seen"
Smiling tourists
a oppression of depression
When you meet me
I say hello I'm out my mind and then I'm leaving
Leafing like the leaves in the fall
Without a reason
Your shits like the forehead of the Mona Lisa
I put my city in a frame with all gold leafing
From my fucked up hairline to my addiction
I'm so
Leafing through the grimoire's pages Seth discovered an eldritch ritual
"And thou whose will is strong enough to cast this wicked spell
Thy deepest
Need telling of how

To wage
Leafing through fate 
To wake
Makes the leap feel 

Glint off leaves 
To weigh things 
No waking 
From this decrepit
into your lonely room

I don't know who I am
I just want to hang on
To meet the dawn through the glass
No matter with or without you

I'm leafing my
seat leafing
White water in a bottle thats quiqui
Bitch I need it
I'm not greedy, I deserve everything I'm seeing
I done lost everything and I mean it
the way we leafing money 
I let that yoppa yoppa yoppa come and take it from me
Nigga no cap 

30 in a glizzy that's on me
Murder murder murder
always had the trees so I understand you leafing
I told him you’ll be fly too one day just keep on eating
And avoid the Swats
He told me ain’t nobody
Fuck on that bitch, and that hoe started queefin
And I just started, man fuck a half time
Rappin ain't a job, man this shit a pastime
Ain't no
for leafing through lies (All your lies)
Needaknife for severing ties

Needaknife yeah no no no no
Needaknife yeah no no no no
Needaknife yeah no no no
damn thang
Mapple leafing in some blue J"s
You aint progressing you just used space

A none virsu to this data base
Simple logic told me that a way
Eloise is in the cereal aisle
Store brand fruit loops in a bag
Gonna bring 'em home to Hayden, Jayden, Kayden and Brayden
Leafing through the latest
Leafing through our memories
Looking for the places I went wrong
Questions still fill the margin
Of the page where we left off
‘Cause it seemed to me

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