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Until I'm laid out on the floor

Spittin' these bars like poison I've leached from my soul, yeah
Spittin' these bars like poison I've leached from
down to the ground
All I know, that when the wave comes it crashes
I've been washed out by floods
I've been leached out by floods

I found the power
the mold from one had leached out like a sermon
How the wheel go 'round we had the destination now we turning
We the lab rats in the tank need some new tests
and leached
Your drive to push you onward
You took it all and dragged it under the surface
Where none of us can free you from your agony again
You took it all
There is a virus leached
To conformity
Get led astray
With me
Erase what you thought
You knew
Can you interpret
What you're going through
Open your
the entendres and beats I got a son
I need to feed engaged to a heart that feels leached
Don't tell me I'm gifted gimme a job nigga
You wonder my lyrics always
Some kind of poison leached into the soil here
And it bleeds into the seeds in this mud                               
And it feels like bleach runs
I've often leached upon the Shepherd
Don't go too far, don't cross the line, respect the friendship
I hope you see the light, can sleep at night without
I gotta ask ya
Would you do a favor
For your ol' buddy
I've made some bad mistakes
Leached off my friends
And pulled some pranks
I'm sorry Santa
Humanity leached
Fed by their ghosts
Control has been reached
Puppets shall hang by their throats
Under the weight towed by their strings
For years
Leached by the all white mob
Discriminated on at the job
My stories are sad
No time to sob
My wife is getting raped by Billy bob
To each it's own well bitch I'm tryna own my street
You reach I teach I can't do snakes I've never leached
Needed cake I grabbed a piece
C'est la
can get it
Feel the beat's runnin through ya 
Can you feel the heat is comin up to ya
Just get yourself leached out
This is a mind relief - this is all
shit I go brazy 
Lil nigga ima beast 
Cut a couple niggas off 
Cuz all they did was leached 
Disrespect The TrapBayBe 
Yo ass will be in a creek 
and wails fall, drowned. It molted viscous and rank - wrong, yet alive. By morning eyes have coalesced and leached off the light, reeling from qualia's worst
Niggas keep reaching gone reach your demise
Niggas keep reaching
The whole last time that I dropped, nigga y’all leached him
Any time
to be fathomed 
But you cut your heart out for work and crafted a crude kevlar 
And though it shielded you from panic 
It leached your exuberance
of grouts of our roots but we soaked In bleach!
Now we lie In the drought with the sun’s rout while we’re leached!

We can die or never born, like siamese
and I'll keep the memory inside me somewhere

where it's safe from the sulphur rain
leached from the fires we watch
every night on the TV screen
the heavens
The waters ravage the open soil
The life within leached away

None can hear the forest,
Weeping over and over again
Slashed and burned with no
The tags up on the wall are the only thing they can't control
I think I'm coming off the scope
All frontiers long leached
The last form of (tax) free
and crystalline. 
Her songs still hang in the tracery.
Poor son of a bitch, couldn't even fly for the mist....
Color leached out so slow she couldn't remember if
I'm in your way, and I know I drag you down.
I've leached myself, but I plan on moving.
Need a leg to stand, always crumbling.
When I come down, I
she's leached she's getting wild
She's not that kind it's make believe
She's just a thief of hearts and minds, minds

She's just a thief (just

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