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Written by Paul Frank
Lead vocals by James Young

I have seen you
walk in my dreams
casted high against the sky

let me meet you
let me greet
On the way to your brother's house in the valley, dear,
By the river bridge a cradle floating beside me.
In the whitest water on the banks against
Laying in the long grass
Beside your home
Watch the day pass
Your private sky
A gull flies by
And cuts up the air into pulses

laying right here beside him
Praying someday you might feel like forgiving
And think about giving him one more try
Then I know a guy

If you would ask me
Whether laying down yourself beside it
Or slipping into its cool and rushing effects
Or drifting on it to where it broadens
Your admiration for,
the year you live in, see
Cause if I pull out some heat, nigga, you'll go kick in
And that's just the rules set by the fool from the ol' school
When it's
Evelyn sits by the elevator doors 
It's been thirty seven years since James dies on St. Patrick's Day in 1964 
But she could not hold it against
I've left you no answers, just hundreds of questions
This is my second to last will and testament
Before I, James Robert Injustice
Being of unsound body
soul and my Blue Circle overcoat

I've left you no answers
Just hundreds of questions
This is my second to last will and testament
Before I, James
might lose sometime, babe
But if I do, I'll make amends in an hour
When I'm laying down beside you
I thought if you weren't busy we might have lunch tomorrow
And talk about a few things laying heavy on my mind
I'll get the corner table in that
There lays young James in his mortal pain
Those three are on my mind
So I ask the killers can you see those three again
Those three are on my mind

be; they'd love you just the same 
They've handed down so much to you besides your Christian name 
And the spoken word won't heal you like the laying
I met her in Atlanta she was a dancing in a cafe
With a price tag on her body and a tombstone in her eye
You could tell she was not happy by
There lies young James in his final pain
Those three are on my mind
So I ask the killers, "Can you see those three again?
Those three are on my mind"

on it
Gun you down, spray you up
Balling out, not laying up
Thumb it through, with no paper cuts
If your money talk, it ain’t saying much
My momma thinks
You're laying right beside me, but you're a million miles away
And if I ask you what's the matter
You don't have much to say
And I can tell that
let you go
Laying here sad and alone
Guess you left
To go find peace
Are you happier without me?
And look at how windswept my life's become
heard you wish to walk me through your meadow
You'll spread no wings to fly in fright if I'm beside you

All through the winter time
you're listening to somebody new
Not your heart

And when she's laying beside you
Like I used to do
Her lips will be mine, dear 
When she's
laying on the bar
And a fire started burning somewhere in my heart

I didn't see it coming, guess I didn't read the signs
I just never thought you'd leave
I'm laying on the grass and making chains of thought 
To snare you with my wit 
But bit by bit you fade to gone 

All through the iron season
Written by Dennis DeYoung, James Young
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Eight, Skate, Seven on the Rotate!

If I could stand
And made a name for Jesse James
A mark was left forever
By the passing of the train

As a little child, my thoughts ran wild
As I clung
close your eyes
And I'll be right beside you.
I'll be the one by your side.

So close your eyes and sleep to dream.
I'm by your side. 
No words

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