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So many rockets - so little time
So many launches - all of 'em mine
It's the Space Coast, baby, it's the place to be
Space Coast, baby, it's the place
Your eyes they glisten
Your ears they listen
Your hands they feel me
Your kisses consume me
Your love launches me from this place
To the moon,
to the chase

Just a danger I'm prepared to face
Cut to the chase

It is the rocket that ignites itself
And launches its way to the stars
A driver
Thicke with a throbbin' dick on some swab and slick shit
But I shout derogatives at bitches like fuckin' missile launches
Misfit, blond and nitwit like
shuttle launches 
Whoo! How def flow we gone and 
Brooklyn New York make the world moonwalk like John Glenn 
Son I'm sendin' it out, for the short
space shuttle launches 

WHOO! How Def flow -- we gone and 
Brooklyn New York make the world moonwalk like John Glenn 
Son I'm sendin it out, for
split in half
When she launches her attack
In her opening paragraph

and she is having the time of my life
She is having - she is


hey you know
Trip down the wire twice daily

I'm in the living room
Watching the Watergate hearings
While my stepfather yells at my mother
Launches a glass
when I'm practicing
That could mean a loss of consciousness when I launches this
Back to the scene of the crime I'm never on sight
Untouchable, what you
the vapor trail
On my mark engage in sub-conscious
Better than the many successful club launches
You blast, I blast, and then what?
Ends in automatics if we
launches, voyaging 144 billion light years through the shadows of your 


now open your eyes do you see the flaming arrows aiming
The remnant of this game

If it launches again today
Will our lives begin again?
Turning away from tides of lust
Stronger return against all odds

Murder minister counter reacts and launches attacks
Ten branches, ten nooses
Ten necks, ten TECs and ten shooters
Black booters, late night
Dreamlands of danger
Darkside Pleasures
At their best

My subconscious launches me
Into evil territory
I'm surrounded by voyeurs
And crack
Darkside pleasures
Bad behavior.
Dream lands of danger.
Darkside pleasures 
At their best. 

My subconscience launches me
Into evil territory.
Lets spark that rocket fuel and as we watch the rocket launches
We'll focus on our energy then none of them can stop us
So send those waves
The initial vessel launches away
Eclipsing with the shadow of escape 
Beyond the satellites it awaits
For the rest of the fleet to migrate
For Mars
not good guys, we the best guys
I been letting people talk that s*** so long
Got me seeing myself through someone else eyes
Soon as the convo launches
the nonsense
Hold myself to higher standards. Hundred checks before shit launches 
Enjoyed by select few. A Cuban cigar
Exotic shit. A prancing horse on a car
so wie Bane
Ich schlag die kleinen Rapper
Zerschmetter, zerschmetter
Punche wie Vendetta
Vendetta, Vendetta
Launche nur noch Bretter
Fühle mich dann
I'm coughing up my lungs
I don't have a safe space 
I can't really run away
So I take another hit
And hope it launches me to space
I don't care about my
that He is the vine and that we are the branches
Broke kids queueing up in line, raffle tickets, shoe launches
Trying so hard to get signed, fuck
twists and launches me through the sky
I'm frightened but I feel alright
like Yokozuno 
Ay! Ay!
Pockets stole I swear on Sumo
Got white girl her name is Juno
I got swag like Dom
I do it big like Yokozuno 
Ay! Ay!

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