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The first girl that I fell for was a fair and faithful fighter
She smoldered with a will to save the world
I did my best to help her, yeah I stood
think they went that-aways
Your song and dance team
Heading home for the holidays
With the Ragpicker's dream on

His knees like a fighter
untruth to be told
One last song to be sung
And you, the most brilliant
Most driven, most keen
Jewel of a bastard
I ever have seen
And you and your turn
right, nobody wrong
Nobody right, nobody wrong
And I say, one man got a jet fighter, and the other got a song
Nobody right, nobody wrong
Mama always told me
Baby, you gotta walk by faith
And not by sight
Real talk, you gotta listen
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh, yeah

Oh, listen
This is Minister Metal Foot, treat a pedal like an earwig
And cook off by applyin' the same logic to the gearshift
Bird off prey circle, serf homes
metaphor five, six at a time and rhyme into the very last line of a soliloquy which finally said outright with a previous 77 rolling hinting at
He had puns
And I got too much way too fast
My mama told me it won't last
Now I'm back down on the bottom
Wishin' that I took another bath
I should've listened
in a church to a circus of freaks
We the last ones to lay down, first on our feet
So stay down or get hurt by what lurks in the deep
Free the perps
to hug me like Nelson
I freed you from being a slave in your mind, you’re very welcome
You tell me my song is more than a song, it’s surely a blessing