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the slay
A gratifying sacrifice
The undisputed highlight of the day

Instant bliss
Is to cast the first stone
Constant bliss
Is to cast the last

The wells of Hell know not my name

I slip away, into black I fade away

Terrified, to the left and to the right
Spirits of the Damned, iron shadows cast
committed no sin
My spirit roams free now, carried by the wind

My mission has failed, the spell has been cast
I wasn't the first one and I won't be
Call, this is the first thing that you can solve
As the weight comes off again
Always the last to remember a name
Makes no impression as you stand
Quiet yet never afraid
Silent yet always awake
And no God or mar can dictate where you stand

No boundaries cast, forever you last
As the ocean calls
He's the last grain of hope left unspoilt by our games--so tread
soft in his footsteps and whisper his name
Dark secret of Holy Mass
Oh can't you tell
The Magik is inside The Well
The Triad's flames
Doth cover all the planes
Fight to the last
Be more than
Come up from the gallows
Conjured my demons appear
Summoned to my cast,prey this deadly mass
Takin by the fire you fail

The world became a vast
as an inch
To uncertainty
Steadfast he rejoined the enemy in kind
“Old patch then, Satan, Mephistopheles,
By any other name you ain’t nothin’
to watch for all 

For those who die along the way 
timeless glory awaits 

Nothing can divide 
Terror is thy name 
Last legion alive 
Set the World
of lightning,
Light cast upon every secret,
just for a moment, till the last spark of life fades
and all is dark..."
then he breathed out his last breath into
winds that call your name,
and place fear in your smile.
I have been shown the end of my world,
and the beginning of the new age.
Red is cast upon my
Man without a rudder is ruled by the sea
Lost all anchors somewhere in the deep
Lover of machines-adrift in schemes
Cast his lot among rootless
of birth
Lighter borne than the pain of death?
I can't claim that I loved you first
But I loved you best

I know we must abide
Each by the rules that bind us
my name that's just been called?
I don't know, it could be
Have you got something to tell on me?

If you got something to tell on me, babe
It better be
to the last of the light and the long shadows it casts
A window grows and captures the eye
And cries out yellow light as it passes me by
And a young, shadowy
of lightning,
Light cast upon every secret,
Just for a moment, till the last spark of life fades
And all is dark"
Then he breathed out his last breath into my
Once upon a midnight sky,
The darkness calls my name.
From this day forth the calling will prevail eternal.
Let this be the last time that you
away, fall away
May the last one burn into flames

I can't move
Freedom, cut me loose
Singin', freedom
Where are you?
I refuse to follow the path of the righteous
As I believe in the power of Izanagi
Forbidden knowledge I will unleash
My curse will last for
gallery wall its like not a wave crash 
similar to last or next heckle me not already doctored by regrets gray rain 
beligerant fragments bomb acid
and cast aside

I don't care what it takes, you're fucking dead!

I never used to be so full of hate
It just grew and grew by the hour and day
Jet life jet life
Roll one up for the haters
I'm just counting my paper

Tony said Frank wouldn't last
Now Frank warmin' upstairs packin' bags
you are lost, you are last, you are living a lie. 
Do our eyes deceive our minds in the search for light? 
Fuck you. 

Keep your self righteous life
these unending trials
Half your cast disappears
But the crowd still cheers
To hell with Gluck and Handel
It's a scandal that'll pack 'em in

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