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I'm sensing the paleness of lies
No rest to caress their eyes
In visions enthroning sleep
A mistress of eternal weep
Wastelands against the night
death, one last caress
Ooh lovely dead, just waiting for your breath
Cold sweet death, one last caress
I got something to say, I killed your baby today
Picked a girl up at the trainstop where I live
Took a drive along the beach by the ocean
Talk about the dreams we had while we were growing old
for her to tell
One last caress, it's time to dress for fall

And if you've learned your lesson well
There's little more for her to tell
One last
Our abode 'mongst the stars is waiting,
Long enough for our last breath of life.
You stare at nothing, right through me,
At times resembling
Community of misfits surrogate family
Drugs and mind games at St. Griffith Park Observatory

He had made his choice, Patricia was the one
He took her by
Roll up, roll up
The greatest show on earth
Animals, clowns, freaks, misfits, contortionists
Fun for all the family

Currently residing in
Last night I dreamt you cut off all your hair
And laid it at the bottom of my stair
And waited by the garden gate
For one more rendezvous with fate
searching into you 
And ached a while

I watch his lips 
Caress the glass
His fingers stroke 
The stem and pass
To lift a cigarette at last
He dries
The passion light you feel at last 
Her pleasure somehow eased the pain 
Too late to chance it all again 

Before we kiss the world goodbye
Throughout these woods a flaming dress of hers
caress my soul as the morning mist will come
The voices make me feel how I am embraced
By ecstatic
And overflow the trauma center
So recommend ya to think twice
FitnRedi dishin out rhymes by the slice
But of course
There's a price  
For everything now
And with
jerked by the collar
Then gettin pulled from behind
The Misfit (Misfit)
You try to holla at the boys
Checkmate, Red, Flipout
Yes, indeed Misfit
So instead
you and ached a while

I watch his lips caress the glass
His finger stroke its stem and pass
To lift a cigarette at last
He dries his eyes
by Her cross on the wall 
And should She awake, through embrace or mistake 
She would take Jesus 
Bless foot forward and all

Sibilant and at last
high so high so high
Shitting on you bitches like a bird when he's flying by
We are the Hill we came to get you high
They're are calling me insane why
I glance a world as a recent lit star 
I am swallowed by universe" 

A vacant eye caught the last moonlight 
A wish to die to be shining
If you don't know the housework you will need to get your
Like caress her body with plenty tenderness
A woman look for man to love them not
This song goes out to those with coke bottle glasses 
To all you lonely kids who were the last pick in gym classes 
We got your back - detract your
touch the button

Crash course in yesterday's after mathematics class
Until the last chapter's mastered
Smile, for the style war's won
Where the wild
the memories I'll caress
Darlin', would you honor this last request

Let's take one last drive just one last time
And go up on ol' lovers hill
Let's take
the last album
Don't smoke weed or smoke the seed when I blast barrels
Clap Harold in the ride with cane
Nigga's get burnt lyrically I'm supplying
searching into you and ached a while

I watch his lips caress the glass, 
His fingers stroke its stem and pass 
To lift a cigarette at last, he dries his
and shove
It hurts me not to care
It hurts to see the hopes we had
Vanish in the air

It hurts me to think of your caress
Gracing another hand
It hurts me
The pain could go
Just with one shot
Sleep little princess
One last caress
One last pearl of blood
Rollin on your world
So slow
She almost touches