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Leaders make a deal
The cosmic is largely comic
A con they couldn't conceal

There is no safe seat at the feast
Take your best stab
and sun-kissed, always smilin'

Guys named Captain aren't haters, they're lovers
Livin' life large, but largely undercover
Dive bars and cocktails, waitresses
Leaders make a deal
The cosmic is largely comic
A con they couldn't conceal

There is no safe seat at the feast
Take your best stab

Cheyenne - I'm sending out satellites
Cheyenne - I'm hovering quite largely
Cheyenne - In paradox in suicide
Cheyenne in white

And if an innocent
The movers, the shakers, largely abjecy fakers
Scale their ivory towers
Democracy sours, peasant
Democracy sours, peasant!

Self-interest in the pure sense
But yo, I couldn't and the plot thickened
That shit affected me, largely
Because I know a lot of people want me
To fail as a father
And the thought
the motto
Follow the path, knowledge the craft
Swallow a whole bottle of math
Since biology class
Grand achery, bow and arrow split your grand largely
as you get a closer view
The ones who claim to live life largely and love but not with you
I hate these deceptive gods, pushing us to friendly demons
The work you put in 
Is the work you get out from
A party or living largely 
I can't be sorry 
It's either do this rap thing 
Or work flipping laundry 
Yes, that's right I'm gonna be yawning
Cuz I spent the weekend largely gone and 
High on life
And everything in sight
I put it in me I'm alright
can't live here anymore
And I can't live here anymore
Anymore, anymore

Love lives are meant to be largely dreamt 
Forsaken perhaps forgiven
Just like
model was largely represented in the Gulf war!".
He was so very proper and clean. And so alarmingly blind!'

Welcome inside the machine
It hurts!
a question 
Although largely based on our decisions 
Should I do this should I do that 
Could I make this could I be that 
Well it's elementary like two plus
Latin metal army
My friends don't roll with you
Real mother fuckers and we're out for the crew
Now your style is old and dated
Highly loved but largely
Started off slow, then harder we both went
Hard to stay focused, she's largely provoking me
Hopefully we can, nevermind, it's over
Maybe we'll
I wake up at home, alone 

The comfort of knowing that 
I’ve saved you all wears thin 

My superhuman efforts largely go unrewarded
melt down human beings into money 
Like a cruel Sorcerer's Stone

They try to divide us
And largely they're succeeding
'Cause they've undermined our

Dress fi impress, mi dawg relentless
Fi mek yuh head rest, yeah
So when I pull up inna di party
Dem can't harm we, our ting largely

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