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it, but time go lapsing
Me with the mic and the DJ scratching
Boom on the Moon Rocks
Moonwalk on moon rocks like Michael Jackson
Can't watch it, but
Ideas are lapping
My philosophy is lapsing 

Busy doing nothing
Two years and counting 
A sudden shift in surroundings 

Silhouettes of you,

From our lust comes rot
Another white flag tossed
And I pray for no man lapsing
Over and over again
There's no cure for us
Another white flag
All these trees got me time lapsing
All the work stress so taxing
Eat a pill muscle relax me
And I'm still dealing with detachment
Universal when I
你的眼神 暗示什么
没有结尾 匆忙的生活是为了谁
没有结尾 匆忙的生活是为了谁
I wake up in the morning
I enjoy the lapsing time on spark
I miss that sound wing
Now take it BACK to the South
You know, how I switch my flow
If I'm lapsing you glad niggas'll get mad then, hit the flo'
Gotta bag me some dank so
corpse is collapsed wind
The breath is daffodil
What not become what is lapsing
Into the universal fill
Or maybe just

No intention
Or maybe just
a typo] ink-inks tied my knees all up in elbows

erase that lapsing smile tub lose the slip of the small soap-fellows

Account the addups till Do-nots are
And you pull it apart
You're lapsing cultures
You don't remember
erase that lapsing smile tub lose the slip of the small soap-fellows
account the addups till I do-nots are we balanced? we're in business!
walking about
And asking questions blindly
And silently and not without
A sense of lapsing dignity

Today I was an evil one
Who suffered dumbly having
The mind's eye closes anew
Through endless ages
Ever lapsing into old ways

A denied tomorrow
Calling on yesterday
Headway in reverse
Only shadows reach
First to last and they pass me but I was happy in lapping
I gladly had to ramp down from rounding round-a-bout tracks e-
Lapsing passengers attitude
that fact that I'm lapsing and falling apart
Trippen im alright
Bitch we live for the night
Drive back home no mission
She was old and missing
Out on me
We went out OT
Overtime lapsing on it
although she made me number two
She wanted me to look past it past it
Said she serious the dicc got her relapsing lapsing
I’m just finger fuccing nina till
it panic?
I guess, always getting worse
Promise I can turn, all I did to learn
Knocked down I, I stay on my
Holy part, am I lapsing on?

Stay alright.
wanna relax
But I can't
I'm gasping
Trapped in my mind
These times
Just keep lapsing
They say Mackk relax
You got to move past this
The fact is I'm about
Father's fumbling hands
Petal fallen to storm
Cast out to barren lands

Exhaust emaciated frame
Cement bed of recess yard
Fall lapsing into coma white
First things first this a sad song
I know I’m not wrong
But I feel I’ve lost my way (Woah)
And now I’m lapsing
Always work we never relaxing
Lapsing at my feet
An ocean in front of me
A burning horizon obscuring what I can perceive
And it's always on repeat like cycles in life too small
too long

Keep me waiting nothings changed from before
Keep me wondering what you're doing this too me for
Got me off you but I keep lapsing back
Your heart got working in reverse
And things began to feel rehearsed
And we started lapsing

Back into how it was before
And that wasn't good.
Simple are the words
Simple are your thoughts on a Monday
Taking eastbound trains
Just to throw the day away
The silence in the gap
Of each lapsing

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