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My man.. he said.. could he create a soundbomb?
Say that's a good question

* evidence, I'm bringin it *
* rakka, iri-science, rapid-fire how I
serenades, jumps on deaf ears and lands it with ease. if you're no angel, then where did you get those wings? your fly on by blue eyes break me. is it in
of the iris of Cyrus
Upon papyrus
I kill snipers and body vipers
And strangle you with the organs of rioters who try to fight us
Call me your highness
beat elitists.
Element five,
Fully sold on operation,
Jeopardized on my survival.
I will survive when sprayed by heavens liquid ammunition,
rolling nigga goin' platinum
V12 rolling nigga goin' platinum

Swag like a lighter
And I keep my swag lit
Man I'm on fire
That can't tell a nigga shit
nest 50 degrees west
Fire the cannons my man, shatterproof

I mix the world thickest plot rest assured your under siege
I'm kinda outta touch in
play with guns, then I got em by the tons
Federal Reserve notes keep me at your throat
You can tell from the smell from the fire that I wrote
Don't test
Niggas wishin' I fell o-o-off
But I'm forever ill, that's by law
These commercial niggas keep jockin', killing's my only option
Ask about me boy,
Yes please, test me
Nestle chocolate mix collection
Isabelle Allende, no comprender?
Fight niggas with djembes
White bitches with hair spray
This life turned out nothing like
I had planned (why not?)
By now I should've had some land
Some money in my hand, 'round about fifty grand
thrill sticks
This girl will spit fire
Got me doing pirouettes over her guilt trip wire
I still skip by a land mine or two, see I've learned the landscape
with the holy cross
Exotic niggaz blastin off to the Land of the Lost
If you can't see this
I recommend some school for the blind by Helen Keller
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