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me to Drake
Could have been J Cole if I met J-Hov

(Who dat? ASAP) But I'm fly like I never left
You's a lie, like fly without the letter F
If hip
much we probably numb to it by now
After all, it’s the American way right?

Home of the brave and free (It’s America)
Free just to murder me (land
intended to J. Cole
But wage war to win that can make a nigga complacent
Keep the movement goin' or continue wishin' like changed thoughts
Start up
be loving my TNs, jeez
Back it up and whine pon mi den, peak
DJ got the Tina Moore and MJ Cole
The olders asking for some Dennis Brown but then you
Jump on the carpet, let's take a spin 
Everybody's waitin for the show to begin 
Up to the top, by the neck, and let you go 
Try to land in a glass
Emerging from the center of the earth
Willing and able to take control
Of all unfinished situations
By leading the out-casted souls
To the power
[ J. Sands ]
You know what, man?
A lot of people think they can rap, man
You know?
Think they be rhymers and all this and this
Just because
You already know, know, know, know
You already slow

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on, come on
Privilege abuser
Land cruiser
Ten time loser
and hand me down poetry
It's brick white-washed walls widowed by first paint
The tin roof top humming songs of promise while time is
Locked into demonic
Lazer beam glock 

what's a bird to a brother with a flock, wha? 

They got some nerve 

To even try and shit a turd 

On John J, flap a nigga
let's take a spin,
Everybody's waitin' for the show to begin.
Up to the top, by the neck, and let ya go, (wow!)
Try to land in a glass of faygo! (uh!)
The likes of me, F-you-D-G-E brains compete
Wit CP0-three's intelligence
Accompanied by Mike Z-double-O-T
Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skam, Kweli, and Spinna
Until your brain can't think for itself, it's just driven by the rage inside
Best not slip like a baby on ice
Some man are sharp to react like Arabian
a land mine child victim all bandaged and sore
Damage and break you down until your spirit is vanquished
Like traditional ownership does to indigenous