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help, do public service, NOPE, they just want more servants
Shuck and jive, take the tithe, living off us struggling workers

Lamentations, these my
please now Lord
Hear our Lenten lamentation

Lord may we never dishonor You
Lord may we never dishonor You
Lord may we never dishonor You
Oh Lord, my Lord

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me
Yeah, that's the day I gave up
On the American dream

These lamentations
Are gettin'
your life

How deep, how deep the strike
The tears form in your eyes
So stray, to stray from right
On deaf ears fall your cries
Lamentation reigns
Self-inflicted lamentation
So many losses
Bemoan your greatest loss
Feel the pain
How you prosper
Embrace the sin
infernal, internal
Unstoppable, eternal, infernal, internal

To crush your enemies
Drive them before you
To hear the lamentations of their women
take no lamentation
Don't take no lamentation
Don't take no lamentation
Don't take no lamentation

Don't tell me
You got to settle down
And don't
of ages in a midnight choir sometimes

in praise or lamentation, peace or desperation
any way i do, i come into the presence of the lord

in the twilight
Hear lamentations of women who cry for the loved ones we crush to avenge

Gather all survivors, the forces retreat
They've leveled our city, there's
The coffin starts to rot
Sand's falling down and maggots eat your flesh
You want to scream, but you are dead
Feeding the time with
Sample: lamentations, lamentations, lamentations worldwide
Watch out (repeated)
LB: 	In the beginning men and women had an obligation to their
still shines on
He'll continue to shine for some time to come
Melancholy in the Age of Kali
Melancholy in the Age of Kali
Kali Kali

the valley, babe
'Til the darkness turns to light

Can you hear that children's song?
Can you take me to that place?
High above the lamentation
Upon the desert
the valley baby
'til the darkness turns to light

can you hear that children's song?
can you take me to that place?
high above the lamentation up
of blood cried in lamentation! 
Ruining the world! Fearful power! 

断ち切られた 明日への希望
誰もがみな 悲しみに囚われてる

Grief and cry! Just acute infection! 
I don't really know if the lyrics above is to Lamentations or to Your hours. In the pamphlet the lyrics stand under Lamentations, but Scott sings it
Golden memories, my creation
Pain is clarity, lamentations
Run away
So far away
I can't outrun what is coming for me
threatened just know
I'll respond in kind
Say the word
The word is attack

Say your lamentations
Set sail for hell or damnation
No honest words, on your
and damnation, lamentations for the likes of you

When she goes, just let her go
If she says she's going, make sure she goes
Make sure she goes

I was
Like all damn night
I been absent
All my life
I been asking
All my life
What’s a lamentation
To how I live this life
When I been absent
All damn
Decaying Slowly Underneath the reality
Eulogizing parasite in the young and in the old
Lamentation embraces us
And we can never depart
We will all
spill the blood, with anti-christian blasphemies
And drink in praise, to the majesty of Hell
Hear my call, lamentations of my black soul
I invoke thee,
Lamentations overtake me I have my ups and downs
But Your with me never failing even when I doubt
I cry out to You, "Make me whole!"
Help me remember

Lie To Yourself/ When The Masks Fall Off

Reveal All The Lie/ Lost In Your Mind


Living In A World/ Your Life Is Just

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