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me the truth
Which was stuck in lameness

Hear my whisper
Hear the call and show me the truth
Which was stuck in lameness

Unit of moment
I am like
When I shoot my aims, it's 
Tryna get that loot
Had to pay my dues
For that, just nameless
became less
They're shameless
Cover up their lameness
Shit was brainless I ain't hating, it was heinous  
The tears were falling from her eyes like it was raining
Watch my fucking back, I ain't even
Raised among the rattlesnakes, cupcake
I ain't trying to emulate that lameness
Good in the hood, and plus the astral plane too
Church of What's
I marvel
At the lameness on your face
You rise each day the same old way
And join your friends out on the street
Spray your hair
And think you're
beige-blandish god
Tends to certify it:

Only the boring and bland shall survive!
Only the lamest of lameness will thrive!
Take it or leave it, you won't be alive,
the lamest of lameness will thrive!"
Take it or leave it, you won't be alive,
If you are overtly creative!

Fairies and faggots and queers are
through the lameness

Sometimes I just wanna go
Back to Blue Slide Park
The only place I call home
I hope it's never all gone
Don't think it's ever
The lameness of an unborn child
The tidiness of cry
The only way I'm leaving here
Is curling up and die

The way our shelter moves above
With his box of patent medicines he swore to cure all ills
From the lameness in the horses, to the children's colds and chills
And he had along his
feel so hated
But they played it
So I state it
Together we are famous
Never lameness
Critique is always painless
Monarch changing
You grow or else you
But I need some maintenance
He ain't really shit
He be flexing all his lameness

Make my Samsung ring
You my little pretty thing
And my money
ain’t got time for lameness
Shawty kinda bossy she ain’t got no time to be wasted
Like my bitches brown skin kinda bossy yeah
Bossy yeah
She so fine
Ain't gonna calm down the ocean that you angered 

When I shake this 
Pray to David he saving 
Little trippie bitches out they lameness 
Face it
You know it's feeling so crazy cause damn my life amazing
I been living different really shit been hella changing
No more lameness
Fuck all
fucking caved in
I ain't got no patients
So miss with my lameness
She with me cause I'm famous
My drugs be fucking painless
Bullets what I'm slanging
bitch, me swerving on yo basic
Bullshit, to da lameness I am a stranger
Smoove shit is the language I have mastered
Influenced beat got me feelin'
wanna see my greatness
I'm on the move I thought you knew I cannot see your lameness
You wanna hang can't have you lames I keep my daily basis
I write my
at night say that I made it
Homie that's lameness if you started to hate then don't try to play me
You better play this Up on my stage you hearing my name
When I shoot I aims this. Trying to get my loot, learned to pay my dues, for that just nameless.

Became they shameless. Cover up their lameness. Better
for you to understand
That I differ in my ranges I differ from ya lameness
Living life always moving and I'm changin
up bang this, uh
All the hate gets vanquished, uh
Cuz we ain't checking for the lameness, uh
See the worlds so heinous, uh
That I don't wanna be
much I marvel 

At the lameness on your face 

You rise each day the same old way 

And join your friends out on the street 

Spray your hair 

And think
Excuse my lameness
I might get nervous
Feel my chest racing
Pounding, first-placing
Doctor said to practice my patience

I found a way to solve it
I might

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