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Kotal & Koffi  


"And that nigga's from Omaha?"
Told you all that Iso's a god, bitch it is like I 
Switched dimensions and photo bombed Kotal Kahn
Holy moly, what's
Blew up came back like I’m Han
I’m the King in these streets call me Shawn
Skrt off in my runner like Dom
Name heavy like I'm Kotal Khan
I got my
all gone
We got the stick catching lit on fire like I'm Eragon
Y'all so Paris I'm just Ferris mixed with a bit of Kotal Khan
Watch me pour the Monster
fallan, doy la nota, puta
Solo bailalo si flaya Kotal
Pongo el Fl a andar
Beats fo’ ma killers y para tus fellas tangas
Prefieren con freestyle o con sus
Himmat teri apni nai, meri na tu check kar
Thar kai hut sai lai kar PC hotel
Karachi coast sai lai kar Landi Kotal
Sab daihan daitay
Jab raastay
read you like Rohan
I'm the emperor Kotal Kahn
Spread my name like the virus from Wuhan
Discount life with that coupon
Follow propaganda like Mouton
His minds darker then kotal khan and his hearts colder than the winter moon
Man I know the pain
Know the hustle well
Know it’s hard to gain
Know it
take L's I just boss up
I come with the blade it's a killer edge
Shao Kahn with the hammer I spin a sledge
Trying to take over my total like Kotal
like Bond
Stake up my money taller than Lebron
Came in like a panther call me Kotal Kahn
Tat on my arm I feel like XannSann
Eyes looking red like
a pro while fighting off Kotal Kahn's
Perks of a growing seijin is knowing we got some time
Noticing through my time of reading off people minds
face, rock you in your face
You all alone in these streets, cousin
Rock you in your face, rock you in your face
Once again kotal, va a hablar la posta
special but no one chose you 
Trapped in the past like looking at photos 
Try to con me but I turned it Kotal 
That boy loco 
Please don't provoke like you
noi vestiamo Nike, man
Bom Clap on track, bomba, Big Bang
Passami la boccia qua
Leggendario, Kotal Khan
Me la cavo sempre anche con i più grossi fra
lava lamp
I'll Teach a lil nigga something like Obi-Wan
Even though it ain't no freebies, he don't owe me one
If you want mortal kombat, call me Kotal
a nigga throat and let him choke
Fuck with me and I will get you poked
Infinity clip I never gotta reload
Shang tsung absorb a nigga soul
Kotal Kahn a king
Baby girl I see you 
At the bar
Lets get a drink 
And two for me
I hope you like it
It's Kotal&Koffi

Henney got me feelin kinda loose
I'm not sure
cause they can't rap no more
I ate an MC yesterday and yes I'm back for more
It's me against the industry oooo! I got snacks galore
You Kotal Khan
Kotal Kahn
Revolutionary measures, comprende
Gutting the system like Salvador Allende
Nej leading the pack Po you the meanest at rap
You what that means,
Tricked out, my magcargo (Mad car go) i drive carkol fire rock types 
Speedin in a caravan of mexicans, yeah fuck ice

You Kotal Khan, delete yo wife
nigga Nhan ay I'm riding with that tec
Like I'm kotal khan ay I got a lil asian slide she look like
Mulan ay I told lemme see some wear that thong ay
Ghodla kotal leshyamn re hali mhore vadile bhamar re 
(Along with so my horses)
Raj bhelda reshon mhora raj 
(We will always be with you)
Thodo so kayo
Kahn, (Torwart)
Bin der King baby ja nenn mich Kahn, (Kotal Kahn)
Nein ich lasse niemand an mich ran, (Wuh)
Digga ja ich rocke heute Helmut Lang
Digga ja
fire hazard
Jinx me and it might happen
Sunlight to a vampire
I'm gon shine brighter
Than the sun's fire
Kotal Kahn I'm the sun god
I been breaking bones
up one more time 
Corleone Tha Coldest Don 
Beat you up like Kotal Khan
Gettin cozy with ya moms
Dropping spoken bombs
Growing strong. er

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