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up with heat that's not expected
You can't, you can't, you can't help but check it
We stand out like chubby people in checkers
We comin' hectic
I pile my rhymes by the heap on cassettes, Lp's, cd's and 12 inches
Perform the shit and get the girl like pinches
With good intentions, the key
Knocked off and awestruck
With a touch of destruction
Catch a southpaw punch [ding!] when I step in the function
Fluctuating and punctuating you
on your hand mean we can twist like Chubby Checker
Blunt so fat you'll need a pyrotech' to get it lit
Yeah, this the way that West coast rock shit
to waste
Ah right about now I'm gonna reminisce
Of how a fly MC became a rap-ologist
Around the time when Chubby Checker, invented "The Twist"
I used
know Pudgie, who rock the old rugby, kinda chubby
Timbs always muddy, and his wiz is kinda ugly
Him and his man Dudley got killed in an accident
club, shoot, stab, sell crack
Straight like that
We eat, sleep, shit street life
Straight like that
We get knocked by the same ?
Straight like that
in the open I'm surrounded by vultures
[Babs]        So many haters I don't know where to turn
[B]           And niggaz be starin' us down like we got