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thirteen kilotons
It's sad to see what you've begun with thirteen kilotons

Thirteen kilotons, then there were none
The end begun, bye bye sunrise
Thrash so hard that you can
Hardly even feel
Your brain
We're Kiloton and
Kicking your ass is our game

I wanna see you bang your head!
I wanna see
te wszystkie dni w sen
Sprawia że impuls płynie po nerwach uderza do głowy tysiąc volt
To detonator za każdym razem wybucha we mnie sto kiloton
Ta mam
explosion at white Sands Proving ground
6th August 1945 08:15 The Equivalent of 13 Kilotons of TNT Kills 20 to 90 thousand people with the drop of Little Boy
the fugue kick out
Louder than a kiloton

Scream for the endtimes, girl
Cuz we've got nothing to fear
It's just the summer of a thousand suns
And I don't care
I'm sending you the little boy
Fifteen thousand kilotons
I know it will really hurt
And your chances are poor

There's no escape
And that's for sure
for kilograms, my pressure been a kiloton
Flexing on the gram, drop a flex bomb, you skeleton
My words get worse in every verse, they ain’t rehearsed
cień jak po zrzucie kiloton
To Super Forteca RA 29
Kidd Little Boy tnie sterem powietrze
Stężenie smiertelne kiedy schodzę na ziemię
Cyklosarin na scenie
everything I spit is kiloton
So official, and they're artificial
I’m a Mac 11 and they're starter pistols
It’s a body for whoever rolling with you
went out for the army, signed on
And ended up flying to Japan with a bomb
That fifteen kiloton blast
Put an end to the war pretty fast

Two cities
A mój flow ma sto tysięcy kiloton oj
Możesz mi mówić mr. Magic boy ahoj
To dla wszystkich mam dzięki wam wiem że nie jestem sam
Na myśl o tym się

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