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The sky is on fire burning black gold
Eyes of the west turn to east
Driven by greed and an urge to destroy
Merciless killing your own

Killing machines crying
In raising fear they're hiding
Where do we go now?
So where is the way?
When I'm a million miles from home

Traveler in Time
This, this is brought to you
By the K-1, Emergency Broadcasting System
In the, in the event of an actual emergency
You will be told to fall out

Blackness, tell your bitch to fall backwards
Fuck a hood pass--my shit's for all-access
Killing tracks like this we call practice
Any bullshit y'all twist
orbit in
Personal changes opportunity's keep pouring in
Walking like I'm Carradine, don't know when the show will end
Hundred miles n' running, singing
why I stole cars before I could write cursive
Thousand miles from being rich, stuck on my grind

Try to sale nickel bags like Louie Baton
I'm young,
while I'm playing these games
Surprise, motherfucker like I'm caught killing your name
It's so funny how I hurts but I'm not feeling the pain
the killing 
Got a puncture in my lung, tell em gimme penicillin 
Fingertips ain't got no feelin, pain-killin, gimme codeine 
Don't let me vomit up my guts,
Alright, I got a bunch problems throbbing in my noggin that ain't stopping me
You pooping slugs from your glock on your block I'm staring killing sprees
of the great
magicians. An expedition of alien voyagers came upon
the now ice-covered sphere, drawn there by an
unexplained lone beacon far below the miles

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