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blew up
Three 6 got a chance, Young Buck kept it real
Now we connected this thing from New Orleans to Ca$hville

And most of these
It started when we were little kids 
Free spirits but already tormented by our own hands
Given to us by our parents we got together
And wrote
It started when we were little kids 
Free spirits but already tormented by our own hands
Given to us by our parents we got together
And wrote
turn-of-the-century ways

How did we strike it rich?
Kissing up to the powerful
How did we make our pitch?
Satellites by the towerful
Why do you young people have
spooky stuff.
I like the lights and uptempo tracks.
You're damn right I believe in love.
Because I've been in love and I've been loved right back.
I've covered whole earth's surface
Stressed out to the point of asking if it's worth it
Sometimes it trips me out kid cause you're so perfect
I gotta
No longer young
But the boys still come
Yo, wishin' she could take it back to the old school
And make better choice's
Oh what a fool
Bottle by her
gotta keep doin' ya thang, youknahmean?
(Still here, Baby!) Keep it movin... Let's go!

[Singing interlude]
When everything is young, fresh,
Reagan wasn't gettin his
I never wanted a hand out young Jake
I never got jealous over how much a brother makes
So I was on my own, no love in the school
we follow, others found 'em difficult
I guess it's obvious
As to what my hobby is
The root of all evil, pollute the scene niggas by the kids
[Mannie Fresh]
Ladies and gentlemen
This one goes out to that little kid that got fried Spam for lunch
I feel for you, I'm with you, I'm with you
[Young Lay]
Baby fuck back now you could bet a girp that I won't slip
Even though I love to perk some hennessey with lemon squeee
With lemon
understand it
Put me through school, swore soon I'd be in a position to rule

Look at me now, your only child breathing through you
For you, by you,
thought I couldn't flow
To a track laid back by Kid Rock G
Now even white bitches in the subberbs they jock me
With a smile pow wow they want this getto
hi blood pressure
See I understand that I got to be a man
And take care of my wife, kids, and the fam


[Verse 4]
Mama love, old earth
and get the rocks
Bein out on the streets as a young teen
Wasn't always a fun thing
You're thuggin and you love the streets
Huggin the block, sellin
Interlude 5 lyrics: Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged 2.0

You all doin' alright? You ok? I'm not screamin at ya, I'm just askin you a question. y'all givin'
should be selling this right now
but straight up y'all get free stuff
Independent (cause we love underground heads)
When you buy Necro stuff, Necro gets
a nigga dick and have it shining like some dishes
Patricia, Patricia, she love the way I stick her
I take her to the movies and now, she eat the dick up
the candy and little baby dolls or
Whatever it is that normal kids get to think about
Well I can honestly say that this invention is,
Let me start by saying
mouth/ I don't know
And in I went
Down the throat past the tongue by her heart by her lungs
And I could see she might be dying young
So I tried
(ooh.. oh yeah)

Aiyyo, s.i.n.y., killa bee hive
Eastside, duckin' the 5, roll wit' the live
Sweet love, sweep me in the bug eye, we 'bout to glide
we rocking the crowd, 
Get gwop by the thou', wow

Come on and roll with the kid, back to the crib
Car real fast, bed real big
Just like that,
EL-P Speaking:

Is there anyone close.. by.. who can listen to this?
And who can see it.. plain as day
Look how it FALLS down
Falls down upon
of the niggas I came up with, haven't came up
And doing the same stuff, but I haven't came up
This really ain't nothing, niggas thinking they fucking with JID

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