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that goes by 


Ya see my organization is gettin' stronger 

See we ain't for that bullshit no longer 

Devin and K-Dee 

Never the less
inside they britches, start to get up off they riches
You know I'm down man, stop off and get some gas
Knowin' Pam's shakin' in part from the last
Stereo I
slow your roll
Tryna show off all your diamonds and gold
They gon' get you for your diamonds and gold
Everybody want some diamonds and gold
And I'm
The name ring then the chain swing and dames cling
Money green, Maury kicks, whips and new fitteds
Advocated by the few who do live it

Blomberg, make
didn't know that I kick it funky and flow with it
Straight up out the O A K L A 'n' D
Coolin' all the bitches when I be on the late night tweak

my bail on 
Tapped me up on the cell phone, it ain't far 
Stomped in steel toes, I look out my ??? so back up off me 
The K-I-double L-A T-A-why,
the same thing
The name ring then the chain swing and dames cling
Money green, Maury kicks, whips and new fitteds
(It was all a dream) Advocated by
slip (yeah)
'Cause mad nigga's throats gettin' slit
By the mister wit the heat ta burn ya til ya blister
You punk bitch, when the funk hit, the tongue
the door to meet a fiend by the store
And I heard 'so you off touring?'
I turn and seen his whore that I used to fiend for that aint never let me score
get off, by the ounce
On the G.O., my P.O. is a dickhead twerp
Yeah, he a jerk and love to cock block work
And my next door neighbor, yeah, he got
flame throwers
I reflect light, bounce off walls and wreck mics
Disconnect your windpipe by cuttin your neck with a knife
Rip through, everything from
and I don't quit
I get pushed to the limit, and yo that's it
Step by step, I put an end to your fun
Cause I'm the chosen one, yes me my son
A young kid
And I can go show off my rocket powered solid gold Benz
I tell ya life is no much nicer with invisible friends
"Record an all-banjo Falco tribute album"
Show them niggas we ride and we roll
We'll be ridin' til the wheel falls off
Show them nigga we grind and this gold
We'll be shinin' til the lights

I'm not a butt nut you know that I never bang
But I lick more coochie than K.D. Lang
But I'm not gonna kick an X-rated rap
And even if I did
picked it up 

(Need some weight) 

What you need 

(Silkk bout a coupla K) 

I had it all into powder but it ain't no thang 

Gimme a coupla
the boss
It's true when I come through so tear it off
It cost, so we all kick it and ball
And talk about the platinum and gold on the wall
I'm a savage,
to get the dough! 

Boom bip  BAM  here I am 

Even fans in Japan  be tellin me I'm the man 

Fat Joe  a.k.a. the woman fucker 

Beat you down

Make way, a brand new day, so peep the boss
It's true when I come through, so tear it off
It cost, so we all kick it an' ball
An' talk about
It's platinum baby, a/k/a bj, so got them goin crazy
Back up on the scene, and I'm showin you green
Don't gotta ask what I mean, take a look
the gangstas know 
Its been a long hard road and I had a way to go 
When I was young I was labeled as a basket case 
And every one walked by me got the gas face
a deal for kicks and get rich quick
Sketch lyric, bet 'cha by the nick on some vic
Ick from the drumstick, come with the dumb shtick
Sick slick, hidden
the Thriller
(That's a old ass killer)
Yeah I know my nigga
I might print a couple bitches dripped in gold just sippin' liquor
I don't understand your lingo
I was raised by one, it's in my blood son
Cut me deep, might penetrate the concrete
A A.K. with a drop clip where I sleep, nigga what

Put 'cha
ain't doing what they use to do
Remember when you use to be able to go 4, 5 million sold
Now everybody having trouble to go gold man
It's a lot of good