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“Dr. Baby Shark!”
“The fish are jumping on the kelp!”
“No way!”
“No more fish jumping on the kelp!”

Five little fish jumping on the kelp
down from my thoughts
Or somebody else, I run off lines felt
With tons of dry kelp (Kelp, kelp, kelp)

Keeping my
Energy kinetic is the allowance that
doctor kelp? Don't tell me you forgot my drink
But, you didn't order any
How am I supposed to eat this pizza without my drink

Where's my drink
Where's my
I’m Playing minecraft, and Hitler’s Playing mein kampf
I'm always smoking Kelp at Minecraft bootcamp
Digging straight down is a sin, I can now
“Uh, Who are you?”

Oh, kelp on my back. 
What have I here? 
There’s a sail on my back.
 Who am I?
My name is sailfish! 
“Whoosh, and whoosh!”
Man my neck be shine Spongebob boots
That gas it smelly, Bubble Bass toots
Whip Krabby Kart, smoke kelp in the wind
Her trenches stinky end to end
the sands they blow and shift
Borne away now on the drift
Maybe I can free myself
Dancing with the swaying kelp
Maybe I'll redeem myself
Swirling with
Fifty thousand dollars, old hunnids, look like sea kelp (yeah)
Strappin' up your seat belt (brrt)
In a coupe, tryna figure out how D felt
ain’t no us in this world better go and get it by yourself
Put you in a pot and I bet you gone melt
Now I make the money grow long like kelp
I’ll step
Throat writing these notes
Voting for trump nope 
Squidward dont be dropping
The soap like bitch dont
Forget my kelp shake
Known her for like half
that's a big word
Would you really make it in the big world
Bitch is a nasty patty not getting my Richard
Krabby patty's for dessert
Double cup for my kelp
up that kelp
No I am not smoking mids
I Smoke the finest of top shelf
Made an album yes I did
And bitch I mixed it by myself
Long ass nights inside my
Money green like kelp
I'm in hell with a bad bitch
Phone on silent

Highschool Bells, shawty cute as hell
She from 803, but she act like she from hell
I saw Johnny tonight 
But we didn't say hello to each other
We're all moving pretty fast these days
Bumping around like bumper cars
Slippery kelp in
I saw Johnny tonight 
But we didn't say hello to each other
We're all moving pretty fast these days
Bumping around like bumper cars
Slippery kelp in
way home
Light filters
Through the kelp
Mermaid tresses tangle my toes
Hope someone hears me beg for help
Hope they bring me home
Light filters
I'm undefeated need a championship belt
Most these niggas washed up like kelp
I'm stacking paper to secure my wealth
Gadget I'm on my waist like its
Slurped me up like some kelp (Aye kelp)
Mmhh ion care
I got love but shouldn't care
Cause I can do it by myself
Ian never need no help (Never did)
kelp it real with the wrong Bitch minor set back
I’ve done kelp it real with the wrong Nigga
Lost a whole pack
Talk about it
Niggas a fuck up and slow up
came and stole me from everything i know
And im such in here on my own

And living in this bath tub
Will never be the same 
As the kelp forests and coral
are not awake
You're still asleep with the seaweed kelp

So tell me about your dad
And how he gets you high
Do you like him stoned out, yeah
it up, you would've thought I was a Libra how I put the piff on scales

Piff like kelp, touching on me like braille, you know it's tight like jail
on the road I'm like a shell
Right now I'm all alone and need some help
I'm lying at the bottom of the seafloor in the kelp
Dear Lord I thank you
Cause even
Probably should've kelp tht on the low
All black on looking like a crow  
Some of y'all niggas gotta go 

Imma young ass nigga in the 2-6 
Knew it

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