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I'm hanging by a thread, I'm waiting for you call
My hands are turning red
I'm hanging by a thread, I thought I had it all
My parachute's in shreds

You're my parachute

With you it all begins
Feeling okay in my own skin
So alive
I'm so alive

I know
This life isn't gonna be perfect
The ups
it in the personals
That I'm looking for a match
Someone to light me up
Someone to burn the proof of the things that I've done
Each day there's
by my side
Honey you're getting me by
Yeah you're keeping me alive

I got a job, I work hard
These days the money don't go very far
It's hard
Very old friend 
Came by today 
As he was telling everyone in town 
Of all the love that he'd just found 

And Marie's the name (of his latest
The last night of the fair 
By the big wheel generator 
A boy is stabbed 
And his money is grabbed 
And the air hangs heavy like a dulling wine
I’m falling for love with no parachute

All the way form the heaven to the stars, to the moon, to your heart
We only fail to get up to you
and there's stars up in the sky
As long as there's a heartbeat keeping me alive
I'll give all my love to you

Time goes by it can make you feel alone
that frames your eyes 
Break the walls keeping you inside you 
Catch the parachutes that fill the sky 

Look but don’t touch, hurt but don’t cry
I've been waiting many hours
By the silent moon
In the wild, the jungle flower
Your toxic perfume

Tell my friends I'm gone, it's true
I've past
keeping you I'm keeping you
I'm keeping you so settle in now

My return to wildlife by satellite
By beautiful moon-shining girl
Whether by hard ground
Am I drowning you out
Bursts of defection
If everything was up to me I would be gone by the first sign
The first sign of hope I'd be packed up
She's had a psychotic dream
For the last ten days
She feels as if she's sinking
In and out, in and out, in and out of
She combs up her hair
the way
And he got hit by an emotional ricochet
It's a bit more now than dressing up dolly
Playing house seems so melancholy

Shot with his own gun
you took everything, but you left something behind for me 
I scooped it out, I bottled it up and now its there on a stand by the bed to remind me 
quiet as the deer 
Down in your bigtrees knowing no fear
You lift up your sight And down comes a hun 
And more than three hundred nazidogs fell by your
on me now, boy, won't you come along?
And we went down by the river, skinny dipping till the dawn

Spent the morning fishing, fried 'em up by noon
the song enough
To shake this institution, it's a she-volution

Just fly by
Gotta knock, knock on the sky

We can't
Just fly
all the faces from the places I?ve been going 
Lately I've been searching 
Cant stop searching and its gonna drive me crazy 

Keeping me up all
fallin' from the sky
When you're up a mile high
And your parachute won't open
Kinda like clingin' to the bottom of the bottom
When the bottom drops out
As a gravedigger's own birthplace
My love is a medicine
Feeds the sick heals the poor
Turns up the volume on the blind

My word it's a trip
Like a migraine
How much poison can you swallow?
Flip the switch
Pucker up and kiss
Feed the inner child until it's full with bliss
Well, I say what you going to do
some of us filthy rich
Others just watch us niggas drive up the block
We think we keeping it one hundred coming back to the hood
They think we
print it in the personals,
That I'm looking for a match.
Someone to light me up,
Someone to burn the proof of the things that I've done.
Each day
ain't it?

We're lost, profound
And we are bound by the secrets we keep from each other
We're lost, profound
And we are bound by the secrets we keep from