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We are children of the world, watching every day go by
Changes my life, changes your life, keeps us all anticipating
We are searchers of the truth,
the heart
But don't change the needing

I heard Your voice
Whisper to the wild water
Step By Step
Slowly I turn

Change the words
Don't change
Written by danny kirwan.

You're gonna change your mind
You're not the loving kind
Cause everywhere I go
Seems that you never show
All you do is
time comin'
But I know a change's gon' come, oh yes it will

Now I go to the movies and I go downtown
But somebody keeps tellin' me don't hand around
you'll know what to do to keep me by your side
Put your arms 'round me, baby, and change my mind

If the gay life of the barrooms beckons me at night
love is just a dream, dream, dream

Well, are you happy where you're sleepin'?
Does he keep you safe and warm?
Does he tell you when you're sorry?
Where did it go
Time has brought some changes
Caught us by surprise
Where is the seed, that we need
Keeps our love alive
Traces of lines that
Changes made
Gonna be some changes made!

(Gonna be some changes made)

Gonna be some changes, changes made
Can't keep on doing
the treasure and gold
Wouldn't make me change anyway
This heart of mine
Might change as the seasons run by
Like a small stream
That turns
trying to just keep on smiling
And everything passes with time

'Cause love brings change
(Love brings change, change)
Oh, love brings change
I can see an angel walkin' someone else is by her side
I can hear an angel talkin' and she looks so satisfied
I can see an angel smilin' by her side
(this generation now) 

Ugh if you weather that storm 
Then that rain bring sun 
Been a long time comin'
I know change gon' come 
Man I gotta keep
to start out first
By being the fool

But I see changes
They happen every day
And I see change
Coming your way

You give your life away
while I'm winning
Waiting on my change to come
Keep me singing, it's a new beginning
When the day is done

Way up on he hillside
Watching all
never change
All my life I`ll love him so
I can see an angel laughing
He`s the one that I adore
I will always keep on hiding
All my love forever more
know your surrounded by strangers it
Feels so alone in your heart.
But when everyone stands in the darkness no one can tell them apart.
Now everyone
a temptation for a man who loves to party
But my party days had to stop
So brothers you can keep your street life
Changin' women like you change your clothes
Windshield frames a picture of the night
Cold driving, desert highway line
Road keeps twisting slow so I know
Recognise the diamonds flashing by
I keep thinking that you are going to change
I keep thinking that you are going to rearrange
But I’m a fool to think something so impossible
I don't want to feel no more
It's easier to keep falling
Imitations are pale
Emptiness all tomorrows

Haunted by your ghost

Lay down, black
Change to me and keep the change
And I won't do you like he did
And I won't hurt you, like she did

Change to me and keep the change
And we'll never need
A felling inside 
In the back of my head 
Like a song I still know 
From so long ago 
And I wouldn't change a thing 
Like a car driving by
Change to me and keep the change
And I won't do you like he did
And I won't hurt you, like she did

Change to me and keep the change
And we'll never need
oughten too
Your daddy's mad; He's done got peeved
You're Gonna Change or I'm a-gonna leave.

This ain't right and that is wrong
You just keep naggin',
There are so many changes in my life 
I don't know if it's wrong or if it's right
And I want you, want you by my side
Everything is gonna be

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