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See that commander, how he struts, 
Followed by the neighbors' barking mutts, 
What a commotion, biff, boom, bang! 
Here comes the Captain and his
You're a cringing, grovelling chicken shit, 
Pissing waste of time
You're a crawling, whining hypocrite, 
You fucking piece of slime
You can
Now who say Dog Boy only come 
in a reggae fashion?!
My Mom say "Never Judge a Book by 
It's Cover."
Turn the page to discover,
You got the reggae
back that spark
Don’t hesitate
And you believe me
Ya bitch believe me

Bump (Hey there you go, there you go, fine by…)
Bump (Too much rump in
and chicken, strummin' his guitar and pickin'
Playin' dominoes and shootin' dice

Then his wife walked in and found him with that pretty girl around him
one funny mothafucka
A true comedian, you gotta love him, you gotta trust him
I might be buggin', infomercials and no sleep
Introverted by my
This is less than zero, don't be a hero
Nigga I'm a pharaoh, with double barrels
Goose bumps, hair rose, when I shoot these arrows
at your Camaro,
blood, pickin' sores, fuck cuttin' the line
Stick the straw in the bag and do it all at one time
Fuckin' chicken heads wearin' house shoes and rollers
A big pumpin bump (just a lookin' at he)
Bootie licious nutritious for the (doodle e dee)
I tapped her on the shoulder (and what did you see)
what you wanna
Nowhere near ugly but some call me Rockness Monstah
I'm the heathen you was warned about by your momma
That'll never love you as much as I
order, it's gettin' late (Move nigga!) 
The return of the bump squad is comin' your way (Hey, hey) 

Get off me jigger before I get perturbed 
Find a job,
say, shake dice and kiss it
Sip Crist' push the six with biscuit
Jeep full of chickens, pull up beside, have a listen y'all Nas y'all
Fly gangsta wavy
Strike a pose
Hot as hell
Grab your chicken head by the tail
A lot of tail
Can generate you a lot of mail
I'm the victorious
You the big time
Ya gal
through his iris
Un-loyal snakes get thrown in boilin' lakes
Of hot oil, it boils your skin, chicken heads gettin' slim
Like Olive Oyl, only plant the seed
I was a dark, dumb student
No hooky rookie day trippin' on visions of chickens that look like R. Crumb drew 'em
They grew 'em in a royal dirt
a chicken wing
I eat em one by one, good clean fun
No need to bring a gun, come and get some
Of this lovable, hugable, my skills are so incredible
When I walk by you better not be kickin
Or i put two more in that terriyaki chicken

You've just been fitted for them seeman shoes
This is bottom
And then I keep it going till the underground retires
We keep it darker then a vampire
With your body in my trunk, with my bumps and my spare tire
Yo, the year of the Blacksmith
It ain't defined by any calender
Just thought I'd remind all you challengers, uhh
All the time watchin you smellin' good
Walkin by, can I get a hey or a hi 
Baby I want to know your name 
Second your game, third you're independent
through his iris
Un-loyal snakes get thrown in boilin' lakes
Of hot oil, it boils your skin, chicken heads gettin' slim
Like Olive Oyl, only plant the seed
threats , I'm protected by god though
Dearly on my knees, hands slowly, but my eye's closed
Praying for my enemies, praying for my family
Had some bumps
My southside, my get back
My heartbreaks, my karmas
My set backs, my home town
My life time, my sun up
My sundown, my everything
My used to be,
dogs is feelin' hungry, that's why we gettin' fed
Believe it, I run this, you cannot be by me
And don't even bump this if ya not V.I.P., woo
your skin, chicken heads gettin' slim
Like Olive Oyl, only plant the seed deep inside fertile soil
Fortified with essential, vitamin and mineral