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A Cage Went in Search of a Bird: Music Inspired By Franz Kafka (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Kafka (Nigel Kennedy)

One morning, as I awoke from uneasy dreams
I found myself
Transformed in my bed
Into Franz Kafka!

One day I woke up and I was
Franz Kafka
for rebirth
Or just a wish for death

The river of Sai inseminated
By Kafka's sulfurous and potent intention

A subtle but more penetrating
She's a tramp and he's a loser
In a smoky bar from kafka's darkest dreams
And the critics know what crap is hip to swallow
It's all high volume
Janey came back from the stand
With the writing of Kafka in hand
And a bunny in a can
Slipping and sliding
You feel yourself asking her
speak of peace
But, murder and death seem to be the only things you want done
Must be something out of Kafka's dreams
A never ending cycle of blood
Choked on my lines today- 
A razor in a mini skirt laughing when you kissed the dirt.
Kafka's no bedtime story.
And you're no morning glory.
'Cos I believe everything you say and take it seriously
I wanna be a regular guy
Watch football and drink beer 'til I die
Instead I read Kafka
and rosy with never a sight of regret
When in to the shop came Kafka, boy he was definitely back form the dead 
I need a butcher for my new parable,
was a king on earth
In all his majesty

Come a rain, come a rain now

Confucius was a joker, Kafka was a spook
Rumi was a homey, Bukowski was
Tolstoi, Tolstoi kann warten
Kafka hat alle Zeit der Welt
Literatur ist wichtig
Doch wir leben nicht von Buchstaben allein
Gelegentlich darf das
Or like when Kafka woke up -- woke up in the morning
And all of a sudden, without any warning
He looked in the mirror, saw his worst morning fears
Tickin' in my heart, not broken

I love life everyday, each and every way
Kafka would be proud to find out
I'm certain of the end; it's the means that
happens every time
You're going bottoms up
And you get down
You're going bottoms up
And you get down on your luck

You got attracted to Kafka
Have a fish nailed
To a cross
On my apartment wall
It sings to me with glassy eyes
And quotes from Kafka
I sings to me
An eel is squirming
I'm wearing pigtails that my mother bought
In '65 she was the queen
I'm only thinking things that kafka thought
My hyper tension is obscene
love by name when I wrote it to you in a song
Our love goes on and on
Our love our love
Kafka in his letters to his lover Milena was alive
But he was
of Kafka 
And keep on telling me 
The way you ride them czar's men will never catch you 

oodalolly oodalolly golly what a day 
Oodalolly oodalolly
Just see what it takes to

I've become a kafka bug
Dropping my hardcore shit like rat crap
We're in the drivers seat now
(I see you driving down
love by name when I wrote it to you in a song
Our love goes on and on
Our love our love
Kafka in his letters to his lover Milena was alive
But he was
Well you watched the sun
Gazed a star and it won't be long
It won't be long
Before you rust, come try your luck

It's just a plan Kafka said
the neighbors have a little boy.
They still put up with all our noise,
and it's nice of them.

Oh, Paris keeps the upstairs bright.
Kafka ran away last
Cuidao cámara que el que no corre vuela

La vida te da
Como en una novela de kafka
El borracho dobló por el callejón
llenas de mentiras. 

De un tiempo a esta parte, a mi amor propio algo le falta, 
lo has dejado unos puntos 
por debajo del de Kafka. 

why la vida
corridors full of tear gas
Our destinies jammed every day
Like deleted scenes from Kafka
Flushed down the bureaucratic drain

But if you give me
have paws)
William Shakespeare's in my cat
He chases bits of fluff
John Milton's in my goldfish
But I never liked his stuff
I'm thinking that Franz Kafka

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