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Higher than you ever been in yo motherfuckin life nigga
Without even tryin

Uh, the game got a grip, never slip
Could tell by the way I got my
a second, why not go?â?? You know, like in cartoons where they hang going to the North Pole on their door knobs and they just take off.
So I spent a couple
my flow is heaven-sent
First LP, on the same shelf as the veterans
Nigga I can't be fucked, like a lesbian
I'm to hip-hop what Cartoon is to Mexicans
But no no me don't sell no dope no more the dope sell it's self me just ride around in blowdro (fo sho)
With your hoe, she put her head down then I
the everyday 9 to 5 people, still gotta fight the evil
You could ride the fast lane or the train
The illest weapon you can load ain't your nine, boy, load your