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The Lonely Island!
Incredibad, this is just a blast
This in my pants, lazy Sunday, Nadia
No doubt these fuckers, those two
The Lonely Island, fuck yes
The light that fill my lonely cell,
Is blocked out by the key,
That locks the door to this hell,
The place they wanted me.
Time's racing like
Lonely on an island shore
There's no one around.
The day is grown older now
As I catch the thought of you.

I lay awake at night
With you on my mind;
[The Lonely Island]
Imagine in your mind a posh country club
The stuffy old money where the poor get snubbed
The spread is bland sauerkraut
a steak, 
Smashed in like my balls went and stepped on a rake.

Lonely island! 
Grammy nominated, yea! 
Hit 'em again!

Yo straight out the box with
Oh no
I’m gonna need to borrow some pants
We were buzzing why didn't you?
Oh hey ladies
Oh my God it smells like fuckin death in here
Hey freaks!
how we walk and talk and kick up like this and gwan like this

She say she never hear nobody talk like this
Sag in ah me pants, make me walk like
renew virginity

Awaiting the sunset on this lonely shore
Home, a strange word in my mouth
I call on the winds to lead me through
Ghostface swarmed by groupies
Mingle amongst stars, I come in cat, invades Mars
Highlight of the century, first bet placed upon entry
Fainted when the book
smilin' and don't want to be on an island anymore

There's a lady locked in a love affair wouldn't care if she was single again
There's a lonely soul
I'm the Biz Markie, I'm known for beatboxin' and rap
And now it's time, to put Long Island on the map
And lettin' you know, that it'll put you in
Yea let's do this
Take a good look at me, you need a bad guy like me
All I have in this world is my balls and my work, 
And I don't break em for
that same old trash
That's right
You've got them real silk shirts and them baggy pants
Dago shoes in the colors that match
But the girls are acting
I like it. 

We climbed for hours and days and years 
And centuries the islands sole lonely mountain 
Until we were high enough to see the otters
and simple, taken under this transmission
Did my first hit 12 years old, pants sliddin'
A little place in Coney Island called the clam kitchen
I walk right
and simple, taken under this transmission
Did my first hit 12 years old, pants sliddin'
A little place in Coney Island called the clam kitchen
I walk right up
It don't matter if it's the winter or summertime
I got the mac in my pants
Make niggaz do that dance, they fuck with mines
It always come a time,
Hold on to the shore, they'll be taking the key from the door

Mary dropped her pants by the sand 
And let a parson come and take her hand 
I've seen everything there is to be shown
I followed her all the way home

I can't be too cool in a tree with my pants down
The air is cold and I've
dream of you

In my dream a little seagulls
Flying through the darkest night
Searching for some teardrops in
The wind with the ship of lonely
thinking of his lonely room
the sink that by his bed gives off a stink
Then smells her perfume in his eyes
and her voice was like a bell
D cups
Spiderman saw Doctor Oct spittin' off the top of a New York City bus
City Island eatin' shrimps
Throwin' fries in water to swans and ducks
Heartbreak suzie don't you waste my time 
(she have me in a fantasy island)

Come booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by hay!
to view
Down all the days to 1992

So lonely on this island ever since she set me free.
Breaking out of my isolation
Reaching out with hands across
a beat up accordian
That's Erik our drummer his father's a plumber
He drank enough booze to get Rhode Island drunk
Now he's straight but still smelly

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