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dolphins circle around

If it seems so
Like the world juts in
Those dolphins drag me down
Drag me down

Say that, say it's wise
Say that it's
Of the falling guillotine
Do you wonder
Will it ever stop
Will it end your suffering

Jut say the words
And I will save you now
Jut say the words
Jut say
Under the white chalk
Drawn on the black board
Drawn on the black board
Under the x-ray
I'm jut a vertebrate

Do that to me
Do that to my
the ism  my hate's a prism 
Let's jut kill everyone and let your god sort them out 
Fuck it 
Everybody's someone else's nigger 
I know you are so am I
And the world just keeps a-moving

And they all juts keep a-marching
On the way towards there solution
On a walk without confusion
prior to you
I’d never seen something so fly
Prior to you
Thought that love was juts a fairytale
Then you came along
And showed me how to love again
reminds me of a putt putt golf course
A twenty foot crimson alien stands in the corner
An airstream flying saucer juts out of the wall
Plastic asteroids
where the hardwoods jut
Out toward the gusts of history
My crusty mind cracks, my restless heart tracks
The fractal lines of history

In the corridor
ocean so cold
A small group of rocks, seagulls and ice

Some ramshackle huts
A paper in french from long ago
A finger that juts out into the foam
No boats
My team jut lost 4 - 1
feeling bad and feeling glum
to the pub on a saturday night
30 minutes later and I feel alright

We`re the Guinness boys
Some place where they never change the sheets
And you jut roll around Denver all day

You just roll around Denver all day
lies fathers and families, 
Hammers and ties brace for the winter 
Until that rumble leapt up to his jaws 

Spines of furrowed earth jut jagged
the journey's jut begun
Heading for disaster
Formed through the night and it's all mine...

The game is easy to me to just play
It steals the day, it steals
inner screams take over
Unbounded in empty nights
While echoes
Of past lives are calling
To reasons lost in my eyes


Your senseless kiss is juts
You always made me laugh
Dancing to cassette tape singles
That was big when I was little
Big when I was little
Big when I was little
Jut like Malcom in
love won't change
Well we married that spring and we built a house
On the bank of the river where the rock juts out
Now the river's still here but
people do 

When the clouds surround you
And you know you've found your rainy day
Oh, the blues are bound to make you feel
Jut like they're here to stay
So schön
Auch wenn du weinst

Ick hab keene Oma, die et jut mit mir meint
Keene Ratte, keen Hund, keen Freund
Meene Zukunft is 'n ekliger endloser
bath please close the closet
The dripping water sounds juts like a drivin' rain
Each night I'm looking forward to your visit
But won't you be a little
I look once more
Just around the riverbend
Beyond the shore
Where the gulls fly free
Don't know what for
What I dream the day might send
I look once more
Just around the riverbend
Beyond the shore
Where the gulls fly free
Don't know what for
What I dream the day might send
Eyes full of hate, quick to condemn
Just stay in the dark and wait for an end
You don't really care, it's jut give and take
Keeping the distance,
Egyptian cotton on the bed
Don't you worry bout that, I jut wanna sweat
You need to understand that I'd do anything for my man
You keep on, messing up my
Got the feeling I'm running in place
Caught in the orbit of the human race
Equation persuasion
It's just persuasion
It's jut persuasion

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