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I just-I just wanna be your friend
I just-I just wanna be your friend
And I, and I- menage with me and your girlfriend
This new sensation
just--I just seen 2000 I’m excited now
Hoppin' on a jet then I’m flyin' out
On God I got that check started wylin' out
She just made a scene but she vibing
forehead, but it’s pretty (I like that)
She got her own whip, we ride to cruise the city (We go skrrt!)
I just-I just went on Turo, rented Bentley (Got
be alone
So could you leave me all alone
I just-I just-I just wanna be alone right now, oh

I remember it literally 
Seeing the imagery
(Hook 1)

Look at me now
Take that bid
Take it from out
Justi pop out
What are u talking about
Shoot on yo bid with the awp

Look at me now
quiere y no le apena
Mueve la cintura cuando quiere y no le apena 
Tiene aquí su Justi n bieber 
pero no es Selena nunca corta vena
Yo la cuido y Dios le
I just...I just...I just...Adjust (x2)
I just can't get over losing you
I just can't get over (over losing you)
I just can't get over losing you
Simanyi gwe kyewankola
Oba when we met baby
Ezo stylo gwe zozina
They just make me
Loose all my stamina
Baby bend down low
he flew
I-I- I just took a trip in 302
It done knocked me loose, in the end he flew
I just-I just- I just took a trip in 302
It done knocked me loose
to give, can you
Hear me? I just-I just wanna live
Can you-can you let me live?
I just-I just wanna live, but
The world’s got no love
The world’s got no
Protegge dalle intemperie
Purifica le malattie
A prova di usucapione
Del saracin' burlone
In un mondo di bonobi
Tocca munirsi di justi rimedi
Now she in my room
Show me what that booty do
Tell me who the fuck is you?
I just-I just-I just
Came in with the juice
(Came in with that thang)

I just-I just crashed the whip on the way to Malibu
Time is money honey I can't spend it mad at you
I-I-I be in the stu, every hour of the day
I Just Can't Get Over Losing You
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I just...I just...I just...Adjust (x2)
I just can't get over losing you
I just can't get over
Sex ritual
Your body sprawled
Your Mors Justi
Sex ceremony
Love is the law
Love under will
My Amrita
Now make the blood spill
I am the Beast
I'm Hell
you cheating on , when you were feel won
justi always cover up for you
you should know that ive chosen to forgive you
you should know you should know
to feel so I|Figure everything out by your reaction|And I just just just||I just push you so hard, you wanna pull away|Hold you so tight, I'll make your
Ecce quomodo moritur justus,
et nemo percipit corde:
et viri justi tolluntur,
et nemo considerat:
a facie iniquitatis sublatus est justus:

Et erit
strangers, you and I.  My thoughts were
Running wild and free as I watched you tonight (while you held metight) 
Just(I) think(thought) about it
just-I just found out rats could use they lips
I got, I got, I got me a thirty round clip
I got one in the head, thirty one rounds on my hip
Aye, okay,
I just-I just came through with all my misfits lookin' presidential

Yeah, somebody call up J.G. Wentworth
Your boy need a couple zeros in his net
Steve: 	Aw, I'm not gonna argue about it.
Nicko: 	Right? (it gets quiet for a second) Fuck my ol' boots, it just...I can't 'an, I can't 'andle that
Know no cheese
(Chunka, chunka cheeky chunka)
(Chunka, cheesy, stinky chunka)
And they just lie there
Taller and sickening and it just...i
fiesta de San Juan

Justi Barreto me dijo

¡Un verano en Nueva York ay! Allí se goza mejor 
Un verano en Nueva York, te vas a la fiesta de San Juan

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