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tu area
Causando desmadre, Ponte Trucha

[Verse One: Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob]
As I enter I'm gonna representer Mayhem Click
So Let The Mayhem Begin
be getting, you tricking wit me, you try to rob
I'mma put you on a shirt

I'm just doing me
I got my gun, you got your gun nigga
You and me
can't let her go
Lil Rob where'd you go I was lookin for your ass

[Lil Rob]
I was downin drinks like water so I got drunk kinda fast
I was on the other
Just rob me!
A pretty face like yours don't come for free
If I can call you honey
Well, then you can take my money
Oh, darlin' keep my gun and just
alone (As days go by)

Now I done came a long way
But ain't gone too far
And hope this love letter don't
Leave a big scar
So baby just hold on
be Carol City
Used to sell dope just to feed the fam
Max box jumping with the kilograms
I feel your pain if you from Carol City
My last name should
to the ghetto was "The Chronic"

My mama was a gangster nigga
My daddy was just a gangster nigga
Wasn't for them I wouldn't be from Compton
I should probably
caskets drop

[Verse Four: Lil' Rob]
It's the one lil' cholo, back before I go
Just thought that I let you know that you can never stop my flow
So I
Hi this is Steve Austin
Reportin' live from San Diego, California
I'm here wit two controversial rappers from the city
Lil' Rob and Mr. Shadow
a cantaloupe
Hope you got a rope to hang yourself
I rob for self, from Brooklyn, where else
Fat like a Lexus coupe, I'll rip your troop
Not even Lois Lnae
about her past
Her ass be looking good inside the leggings
But I notice that she missing all her edges
I run the game just by running with the felons
champ by T.K.O. WHAT

Lil Kim and Black Rob, Dame espacio
Man back up off me Dame espacio
Can I get a minute to breathe?
Dame espacio that means give me
the dope
White in my sock, I hope my ex get hit by a car
Fuck that bish, yeah
I'ma burn your couch and fuck your friend, hoe
I don't really smile, I just
the day I lost my coolness

[Chorus x2: Frank V (Lil' Rob)]
'cause now they don't ask where you're from no more (Where you from ese?)
They just roll along
the day I lost my coolness

[Chorus x2: Frank V (Lil' Rob)]
'cause now they don't ask where you're from no more (Where you from ese?)
They just roll along
the day I lost my coolness

[Chorus x2: Frank V (Lil' Rob)]
'cause now they don't ask where you're from no more (Where you from ese?)
They just roll along
Spanish Fly and Point Blank
Putting it down ese
Mexicano style
That's how we do it

[Lil' Rob]
San Diego, Southern California that's what I
You bird, I'll put your beak on the curb but anyway
Looks like a good game, the pigs ain't leavin' so I'mma lay
Nice play, just too bad it's your last
But I was told don't let no one get you down
And never wear a frown
It's Lil' Rob the Chicano and proud one 
Competition none {beat stops}
But wait

Tomorrow, I'ma handle my business
But today, I'ma drink this liquor
'Cause tomorrow I might be a little quicker
But today I'm just the same old
was misled by another lil' boy
and this is what he said
"Me and you, Guy, we gonna make some cash
robbing' old folks and making' the dash"
They did
I don't give a fuck whether you love it or not
That's all we got and if you throw it away
You dumb as OJ, off a forty
In your Izod, this the rap
back down sets 
Ask about me, do your background check 
40th guns revolve around history 
40 wolves or a unsolved mystery 
Give your corner caution, I go
again just to be with you.
Lil mama, today is your day to shine forget what anybody says this is yours and mine.
All I need is your touch and your
you steady getting mo'
Just remember dude we watchin' you,
I spared your life they day they shot at you
Cause if I didn't, they was coming back