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a stubborn stain

For I am a product inferior
To inferior product
I am snarled in the links
Of your supply chains

Left to spread
Rely on me to supply
Your needs from now on
Shelter you and be
A pillow to lean on

For in your eyes, I see
What I was born to be

And now,
I don't know that much about guns
But I feel like I've been shot by one
I am ashamed cause I don't know myself right now
And I am forty three
did not step back
If we have not learnt
By now
Then we’re a sham

When we first got to the camp
Our supplies were not enough
I saw a displaced
cutting off the air supply
You sting and I can't breathe
I need to know, the reason why
If I've been hard to handle I'm the first to apologise
Cuz baby
not learn on the radio

Everything gets stupid and I just don't know
where to find my happy I listen to my music on the
AM Radio AM Radio
You can hear
Disillusioned savior search the sky 
Wanting to just to show someone the way 
Asking all the people passing by 
Doesn't anybody want the way 

I say goodbye
Kangaroo, you mean more to me
Than just another wannabe wallaby
My kangaroo
Kangaroo, I read it in books
They say your country was settled by crooks
The blues are in the air tonight
Love has gone and passed me by without a warning
I light up another cigarette
The pain hasn't hit me yet but I
need is just one hit to get me by
'Cause baby when your near I'm halfway high

Light up, everybody
Join us in this celebration
Light up and be happy
this tradgedy
Or am I she says with a grin
I find out what its worth just by finding out how much it hurts
And the state I'm in.
I'll just pu the two
in the air you're in the air 
And I am breathing you 

I want the stars to know 
they've won if only to beguile 
the sky has opened up again in
Carries me away into the undertone
At the bottom, there's no air, there's no sound, no light
And all these things keep running
Through my mind

Am I safe?
through him

Dawn of the cadaver ghoul
Wicked, awful creature just waiting for you

The wars fought by mankind supply his eerie needs
He's the king
That I did not learn on the radio

Everything gets stupid and I just don't know
Where to find my happy I listen to my music on the
AM radio AM radio
of just being alive

Now I am filled with love and I sing a love song
A song for yesterday, today, tomorrow, and beyond
My new prayer is, Thank You God
New Delhi at three A.M.
Just arrived by K.L.M.
Left the airport in the heat
In the bus strange people meet
Driving through the starless night
I've waited longer for lesser things
But here I am
Who really knows what tomorrow brings
But here I am

Just in case you were wondering
Just in
keeps avoiding us
They tempt by distraction we send no reaction keep it simple
I hear a signal coming over us
(The air)
We keep regulations on our
some marijuana 
Or some pure white coca 
Eyo gringo eyo gringo 
See i never been a smoker 
Im just ur neighbourhood dealer 

And im tryin to keep
If love is oxygen we're cutting off the air supply
You sting and I can't breathe, I need to know the reason why
If I've been hard to handle, I
Sinking I am sinking
Falling I am falling
Drowning I am drowning
Floating in mid air

It's just dragging me down
Faster always faster
There is no way
the way
I throw my Roley up in the air
It cost me 25 K, do you think I care?
I rolls bodies, as thick as you can get 'em
You know them 600's with

I go round and round just like a circle
I can see a clearer picture
When I touch the ground I come full circle
To my place and I am home
I am home
as we all know by now... I am just thin air.
Unaware as you are of my presence,
You are losing yourself.
Hiding within the Amen Corner