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Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana
Let's make a movie, get it on camera
And it'll be the best of your life
I met her once, hit it twice, that's a hell
Just watch, off 'em

Now pan the cameras back to me and Pamela's
Amateur threesome with Hannah Montana's manager
And Miley feedin' me
Got a whale of a tale to tell ya, lads
A whale of a tale or two
'Bout the flappin' fish and the girls I've loved
On nights like this
Maybe not that one

I was doing a show recently on the border of, uh, Hannah Montana and South Dakota Fanning
And after the show
feeling no doubt
Does your sweet voice let my youth out
You're just a stupid girl stupid girl stupid girl
I ain't no brilliant boy
You're just a stupid
radical, I always knew you had it in you...
Trials by fire are so easily won -
just try not to burn and things might not get worse...
Hollowed-out valleys
The day of reckoning, move out of town I recommend
I treated you with proper etiquette
Where were you when I was being in the pen?
The Hannah Montana
as far as we go from here
That's just about as far as we go

He wants a ride out of Montana
Back to the girl with the west in her eyes
fishy going on and I smell it
You leave that dough around that girl and she'll deal it
Papi stay outside the first time, I just forget it
I know if she
number fly by on Interstate Ten 
Seen the mountains of Montana at seven am. 
And I keep it all together for the sake of the kids 
Got your fine-ass self
of joy
Paradise for a girl and a boy
I guess it suits me to a T
Connecticut is the place for me to be
Connecticut is the place for me

Sounds like
turn shorty out
European car, put your luggage by the engine
I'll be Rothstein then you could be my Ginger
(Montana) Shorty cash out I don't sell dreams
Why do people make livin so complicated?
But then I saw a girl, her name was Mary
Introduced to drugs by her boyfriend Harry
He sold crack to the kids
follow my trends
Got Hannah Montana doing anal with my friends
Pull my hair, scratch my back, beat me like Rihanna
I love ass to mouth and black cock
buddy just in case your mind is muddy
Don't you know that girl you're fooling with is Peg-Leg Johnson's wife
And that man is hard and cold and mean
Hannah Montana, she was always happy
You only fronted on Mariah 'cause Mariah don't carry
Tried to disrespect Taylor 'cause Taylor wasn't Swift enough
I'm the ringleader girls follow my trends.
Got hannah montana doing anal with my friends.
Pull my hair, scratch my back, beat me like rihanna.
I love
Next Top Model, Click Click.
I'm the ringleader Girls follow my trends.
Got Hannah Montana doing anal with my friends.
Pull my hair, Scratch my back,
a drought I just sit on my dope and wait
For the prices to skyrocket and rise like real estate
I got that ice cream, that candy, that girl, that white white
the trigger, now I'm on the run
An assassin

Geto boys
Geto boys
(don't fuck with me) --> tony montana

I'm an assassin

[ verse 2: juke box ]
Now I'm just what
little body-adi-adi (do you want it?)
Girl I wanna freak your body-adi-adi (what you want it?)
I just wanna take you home with me

She get it from her
Remy Boyz, yeah
1738, squad
Montana, Fetty Cash
Remy Boyz, haha, yeah

When you’re with him, I swear I’m always on your mind
I had to stop you girl
a town I can taste, dresses that glow on 
Girls from Barcelona

I wanna discover the key 
And open the everywhere place 
A mix of sky from Montana
from the dough that her man makes
We got our own handshake
Her titties ain't fake
Fucking in the car cause we just can't wait to get home
Early in
Step in the club like it ain't no thang
Sittin' at the bar while I sip on dranks
Girl wanna holla tryin' to run that game
I just wanna freak that,

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