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in the CL5 his project changed
His man just got fucking murked by Salene
Heard he got it in the range nigga Bean popped one in his brain
tried to tell you


Now baby girl what's your name?
And tell me what's your claim to fame
Oh I can tell you do your thing
Just by
[Chorus: Nelly]
I see you niggas ain't renting and leasing these cars
Fronting like you buy and buy and buy and buy 'em
Claiming that you making
No I'll be there in the minute
But I got something to do
Look you should know there's one main thing you're next

Main Street

The dreams of the seasons get all spilled down on the floor

All the big stands of timber just waitin' for falling

And the hookers waitin'
a dragon princess

She was walkin', walkin' by the river
Rollin' in a rhythm of love
I never felt like this before
I'll never stop, I just want more

Oh, St.
There One Main Thing And that's


[Verse 2:]
Baby Girl you Be My Queen
The Only Thing Make A Thug Smile In His Dreams
Or Make Me Feel I ain't
his brains blew back with a new gat
Yellin' "true that", hollowtips is goin clean through that
And I didn't have to get my whole team just to do that
my mothers leather lash
Belt buckle said Nelly Nel similar to Melle Mel
Hits the third rail Beat Street made Gazzels sells

As the tale gets poetic
and stone
The only thing that comes through here
Is stormy weather
And it's raining
It's raining in my heartland

Some dreams just stop growing where
gravity back
Adopted by the major I want my family back
People work hard just to get all their salary taxed
Look I'm just a writer from the ghetto like
And I didn't have to get my whole team just to do that
In a blue hat, with a black baggy Karl Kani
An iced out ring just to scar on your eye
Hard to die,
Shit just ain't the same
When you slide through (Whoa)
I get distracted every time you in my view (Yeah)
Plus I hear you kinda
I'll move fast
This dream machine
Was built to last

(bridge 2)
So cruise on down my main street
'cause I got nothing to hide
And polish up your engine
the night
I dream I'm an angel just learning to fly
Brought up by the winds
And I'm taught by the clouds
When I open my eyes
I'm still on the ground.

of traffic lots of sleepless nights
Lots of dreams that all went wrong
You'll just tell them what they want to hear
How you took the place by storm
You won't
Day by day and night by night
I feel you in my mind 
It happens all the time 
You know my daydreams stop
My heart beats on
I can't take it
Little Corey Mack I had to put you in this one man
cause you know I love you

Verse 1:

Now take little Corey Mack just livin' on the edge
I'll take you home with me

Didn't I see you walkin' on Main Street
Lookin' in the windows
Waitin' by turnstiles
Thinking of things you thought
thought: I can't just walk past here
This can't just be true
But I learned by example
To just keep moving my feet
It's amazing the things that we all
Do you remember Cactus Texas
Nothing but a wide place in the road
Eighteen wheelers never go there
Main Street's just too narrow for the load.
Of all the dreams we built on jealousy
Just an empty shell remains
And though there's still a lot you're owing me
You can keep the change

Wish you
was just spitting in the wind

It doesn't come by the bullwhip
It's not persuaded with your hands on your hips
It's not the company of gunslingers
Now What You See Is Just An Old Fantasy
It's The Image Of Me That My Fans Use To Dream
I'm Very Sick Into That Reality
But My Love For Life
And I guess these young boys dying in the ditches
Is just what being free is all about
And how this twisted wreckage down on Main Street

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