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If Only
By John S Hall and Dogbowl
King Missile (Dog Fly Religion) _They_
Shimmy Disc Europe SDE 9023/CD 1990
If only x 4
If only x 4
If only we
using only ones own power
Usually by propelling oneself upwards by contraction and then forceful extension of the legs
In some cases the height of a jump
lick you from head to toe 
Real slow
'Cause ever since I was young I could keep girls sprung 
Just by the movement of my tongue 
I remember it all
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Of any danger
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Cat jumps a fence
Lands in a pram
Baby screams, "Mama!"
Out runs the man
Cat gets the can

There was
and throw it on the ground?
Instead I can't get by, fin this make you double girl
I'm back up in this, you pussy niggas in trouble now
Shake, what you gon
, by-by-by, Jamal-Ski, ki-ki-kiyah! 

[Jamal-Ski] {best guess} 
Jump up and be upon the mic and stick em 
Come follow me the man me work for the mic 
a time it comes to my mind
To pack my clothes and leave this town
And jump that fence and cross that field
And down the hill and over the creek
An up
a time it comes to my mind
To pack my clothes and leave this town
And jump that fence and cross that field
And down the hill and over the creek
An up
when I'm dead
Jump a fence, get away
Ain't got a liking for the
Games he plays
What you gonna do?

Everybody trying to find you guilty
Make you
So let's hit the streets tonight
And I'll show you where I lost my job 
And where I got chased by cops
So we'll jump the fence at 13th and 10th
jump the fence
Is this the reign of reason
Or irrelevance
With each passing day
I grow a little numb
I was an inch away
The taste was on my tongue
The rainbow warrior of Greenpeace is damaged in
New Zealand by two bombs.
Live aid rocks the world for the hungry,
A policeman is hacked to death in London,
If I told you once, then I told you twice
That I would have paid just about any price
Just to see him jump, just to see him laugh 
I would have
I buried him beside the residence
At the western extremity of the land
Surrounded by the protective fence
Next to his predecessors

Being cool it's so easy to be cold

Well I'm sitting by the seaside
On the warmer side of cool
With the ocean spread before me
Like a blue and misty jewel
Me and daddy'd ride around all day
Shooting doves off a line in a Chevrolet.
Old lab would jump out the back and fetch them up.
We’d drive for
hop the fences, but you better not jump the gun, jump the gun

I could run for days, days in your circle of lies
Spin me around, round your head with
under cover of darkness he made his way
To the middle of the municipal park
& he hid in the bushes & waited for somebody to come
Walkin' along by
jumped a fence or two
Cause that's what rabbits like to do
Big black dog had to jump 'em too
They was runnin'

Now this black dog had a brother
jump the tracks
You can refrain
Keep it contained
This is your brain

Then she walks right by
And that all goes out the window
And your IQ starts
the fence
So I ran to my room and reached for the 4 fifth
Then I seen three niggas by my back door
Looked out the bathroom window and seen two more
So I
Hey, I'm a man, I'm a guy, I'm a dude
I'm a dose of double trouble if I get attitude
You can see I'm hard workin' by the sweat on my brow
If I
Though I'm flat, though I'm broke,
Though I'm bent, I'm contented to never sigh,
As time goes by.
You know, there's a gleam in my eye,
And inside
flat-top guitar

Well the neighbours look when they here the sound
They jump the fence and they gather 'round
They dance the heels right off their boots

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