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The Best of Kriss Kross Remixed: 92 94 96 EP (Kris Kross) · TC Kross (T.C. Kross) · So Not Over You [Radio Edit/Johnny Douglas Radio Mix] (Simply Red) · Rock It (Jump Jump) (Basscrusher) · Jump Leh We Jump (Crazy) · This is Jump: 40 Best Jump Tunes (Milk Inc.) · Jump Jump (Alex Dias) · Jump, Georgie, Jump (Georgie Auld) · Alibi [Radio Edit] (David Gray) · Let the Light In [Radio Edit] (Bob Schneider) – and 90 other albums »

the freeway, dirty mack's get tossed 
'cause I fuck around, and jump your ass like Kris Kross 
Just might blast, snake in the grass 
Gotta shake up the ass
pull up on floss
Last time someone jump, I had Kris get Kross'ed
Where I'm from, kinda scared to have it
I be tryna get the number and forget I have
fat rhymes and beats for your trunk to pump
I make you want to jump like Kris Kross
(Beatnuts gonna blow up!) Slow down on that Crazy Horse
My hand's
the radio handle the truth? Nope
Uncut, no edits, no censors
You can get a plastic rapper from any old dispenser
A penny a yard, to make a record ain't
Kris-Kross before I make ya 

Put it on my stick, put it, put, put it on my stick 
Put it on my stick, put it, put, put it on my stick 
{Back it
with a matchin' watch
I make ya'll jump like Kris Kross, bounce like Bow
I'm the next generation I came to lock it down
I'm a little boy but I live
wasn't down from the +Jump+, so why you want to Kris Kross? 
You no business buyin, insecure junkyard motherfucker 
Get lost, 'cause youse a sucker