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) rene, good (A) night Irene
I'll (B7) get you in my (E) dreams

Sometimes I lives in the country
Sometimes I lives in town
Sometimes I have a great notion
and you said
Too much tragedy in this woman
Cannot help but be impressed
By your logic and your state of interest

I'll give you one, two, three, four, five
And she looked by the window
She managed to cry but she never felt blame
For the death of her husband who died in a flame by the house of the river
livin' alone will drive you crazy
Oh, you don't know the shape I'm in

I'm gonna go down to the river
But I ain't gonna jump in no no
I'll just be
you don't know the shape I'm in.
No, no, no.

Ooh, Lord, uh huh, I think I'm goin' down by the river.
But I ain't gonna jump in, no, no.
I'll just
Winds will freshen later tonight to south-west force six or seven
And there will be showers sometimes heavy in many
Oh sod it, I didn't wanna do
the socket
And then I cursed your name

The sun’s been gone for seven days and you been gone for nine
Tennessee river’s just a block away and I could jump
seven members,
That's it. That's all you got.
Eight! Eight!

Lick a shot-shot. Boom 5 4 3 2 1 wanna make you jump up,
It's like a clean cut
rewind the rhyme stick it in your eye
And let the old school open your mind one time

Seven different members,
Meaning seven different names,
Meaning seven
Heart of a lion with the strength, straight outta Glasgow
Pudzianowski, known to let the guns loose
Everybody smoking cigarettes in jump suits
like tropical line
Locked by the spine
Doing a murder seven thirty, then they fly at night
Head spring, head twisted to the buick
You say
to a tape by slayer
Parked in a parking lot behind burger king
Eatin a raw pack of chicken wings
With blood on my fingers I blast a CD by the staple
stuck in the street 24-7
Pulled up on the AVE., nigga sold me a Mack 11
That's a throwback gat, gotta stamp that there
Give him dollas, and he can have
doing time up in rivers when he came home
Now I'm waiting on a nigga for the get out of line
No drive by we jump out and dump where you grind
Excuse me
of the system
(Peek a boo)
Now she's play a game by her own rules
(Peek a boo)
The peak a boo game

[Verse 1]
Deceptive, her game is in the thick lane
Pick up
Get'cha mind right (7X) 

1st Verse: 

I'm tryin' to do my thang like a rap star tryin' to 

stay clean  ache my hands  and avoid the game 

but it's
gunsmoke in Tokyo
MC's dosey do your mics up in this rodeo
My star roast em up by the thousands, millions, quadrillions
Shuttin down national state buildings
Order in the court where the mortars jump bricks
Everybody, lung on the table, this point/counterpoint
Aesop has the murkiest, yet he numb out