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Juggle Tings Proper  


Take on another shift
Palms in the middle, hands in the middle

Work out another rift,
Something is muffled, another juggle

This is
I don't wanna live no more
Sometimes I hear death knocking at my front door
I'm living every day like a hustle, another drug to juggle
on Sunset Boulevard
I don't fuck with change, but lately I've been flipping coins a lot

I struggle
I juggle
I could just throw a line to you
But I
a daughter going on with her life
I can't juggle this
I can't juggle this
I can't juggle this

When it slips she says:
This Kansas wheat won't break me
Juggle me a juggle
Still cyaan hold my hand

Girl, I would like to be your only
In your life
I want to be the only man
Real quality time,
I'm broken 
And you didn't notice
How is that, I'm all pieces

Can you sum up in one sentence 
All that you feel for me 
Juggle my tears 
while you juggle with your comb
Mmmmmm I'm never never never going home

I love the way (I kinda like the way) you say (the way you always say) good night
to dance on telephone wires
Juggles balls that are all on fire
She smokes in bed drinking cherry wine
Oh, oh, oh she's all mine
She's all mine 

We taking over your station and we a go change the vibration

Mi have the basic qualification, just fi get people straight
And juggle the microphone
try to come crawling back
Bitch, you can juggle my nutsac, ho

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
One for the maggots, punk, fuck you
Trying to be like everybody that you
Got a sweet snap
And juggle a pack
It's very nice when it's going down
But if you got time
We don't need a dime
We'll save our money for a house

She sat with her hand
She can't juggle, she can't catch
For eyes are still blue
Doesn't mean she still loves you

She's all up above
A bird you
It all Falls Down falls down falls down
I can warm a crowd I can make them shout
I can juggle verbs adverbs and nouns
I can make them dance till
still with me
Do you mind if I forget and thank you
Do you mind if I juggle the meaning

Do you care that I only wear silver
Do you care that set
American flag wraps round the pole
And the little red man is taking control
The man with the puppet
Starts to juggle your dreams

And the world
no glasses to see, no
How to juggle, to come out of any melee

Hey, pull up the cork and pour it on
'Tis the beginning of a new dawn
Bring in

If you think I'm gonna die in a financial war
You've got another thing coming and
And what's more there's lots like me

You juggle lives

If you think I'm gonna die in a financial war
You've got another thing coming and
And what's more there's lots like me

You juggle lives
lonely nights
Long days, lonely nights

I don't care for one night stands
With trolley cars
That juggle seventeen
I just want
The sky collapsed around us, you didn't seem to care
I hailed you through the raindrops, you weren't even there.

I juggle with the breakfast, you
you do instead?

Maybe I'll be a baker, or a candlestick maker
Maybe I'll be a potter, or a teacher like "Welcome Back, Kotter"
Maybe I'll juggle
was listening
But I started drifting
Around the part about me acting my age
Now if it's all the same
I've people to entertain
I juggle one-handed
your way, it's a pleasure
When you're in my command
Juggle like a diplomat
Struggle to hold onto your hat
Swinging like an acrobat

But time will
If only you could crawl by yourself
And release me from all your weight
Would I still love you to the point of hate?
Cherish my guilt and then juggle

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