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Words and music by Kaye - Weisman - Fuller

"The Bad Seeds performed Cindy regularly in their live sets in 1990,and indeed on a TV appearance
This song was first released on the Live at the Sydney Opera House album. 
It is the only album it has been released on.

One Sunday morning as I
Everybody can't be heroes but some can still try
To make their lives a little different
Before the time it goes by

Now I live up around the north
it goes by, now I live up around the north shore in a room with no view, every morning on that ferry, my view is filled with you. I'm gonna let my
the baby on welfare, too? 
Teacher: Let's not push Mrs. Aryan... 
Sydney: Who else is in the boat? 
Teacher: A young, white doctor with blue eyes
sound just like a CD 
We don't lip-sync, we go all live 
On stage, I bring about four or five 
That's D-Nice, Sydney, and Melodie 
And myself,
going out altogether

Oh, I live by my mirror and stare in my eyes
Trying to make out who I see there
But I'm looking at a woman that I can't
bathe in the wake to baptize your crew
When I'm down by the river, bangin' from Sydney
Hand on my outboard fangin' my dinghy
Streams run free, all over
gonna slap you back (yer)
Sometimes it hurts
And that's bad karma
Watch out for it

How am I supposed to live in a world of negatives
should bury yal in pajamas
Died from a pillow fight, crushed by the feather weight
I've been out that loop, these rappers got together late
I'm out in
by one
Till we both get up the mountain and just pop like guns
Composure, if I keep it past the two-minute mark
I'ma bang till the sun peaks so you in
cash man
I'm rollin' lets start the tape like a car chase
Live like a star, eccentric with bizarre taste
I got a house in a far place, I don't back down
he put down his gun and his mask
Tryna live off his rep, who gives a fuck what you done in the past
uh, got a deal, still tryna make it off the loud