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Surely You Joust  


jousts in moderninity. One of the many football grounds that have been converted to hold this revived sport.

Voice 1: From today and forthwith, jousts
Asto no seist ik hâld fan dy
Dan sis ik dat ek tsjin dy
Ik kin net fjochtsje
Ik ha gjin swurd.

En do witst wat ik ha wol
Wêrom joust
at the beach
I'll be on the beach
I'll be at the beach

Muster up the strength
Fight a fairy snake
Fill the sacred pub
Joust him in the teeth
Dress up like a man
think of you
[ guitar ]
I think of all the love it's stored for me when I look at my new bride to be
But I'm afraid that when I say I do that joust about
moist and cold
That grey window
So a piece of mind
I'm driving across the lawless foes
Soon I want to want hold
Finding sadness, I'm the one to joust
got problems that he gots to joust with
Floating in this game of life despite how out of place you may feel
In this race oh you just can't quit
little do you know
That even Joe got problems that he got's to joust with
Floating in this game of life
Despite how out of place you may feel
In this
Joust with Quaker pamphlet goaded
Into war.

Ankle deep we heroes amble
Ankel deep we wade
Ankel deep through someone else's
Ticker tape parade
jeans, jimmy screamed
Jenifa, oh jenny

Shaped like a vase
No one can live their life for pos
Found a house, aroused my joust
Jenifa, oh
chasing after shooting stars
trying to make yourself a name
you could joust at the windmills
with that old Fender guitar
you'd probably do about
dust, Cranial mush, men get flattened out
radials spun on dusted combatant joust
after house of the dead heads fled, it's just the city moans
a chance you sycophants spend your cash advance grabbin a lance try
to joust with the conqueror
Stompin the pawns that sponsor ya
Onto the crucifix
of a mouth
Tricky in a joust, plus I`m down with Mickey Mouse
C`mon everyone, lets flow to the rhy
be on point like a motherfucking joust yuh, yuh

Lemme turn into a Super Saiyan real quick
Kill shit, kill shit, my navy seal shit

Yuh, Super
mouth like a joust, no doubt
Some a phenomenon, mic technician, electrician
Spit the mic down the middle like an el producto
And throughout the resin,
the whole house?
Gallop in yo shit like the black joust
To make it real simple and quick
If I don't have it, I gots to take yo shit
And it's all about
the relic
Simplistical explanation for me to rock the mic
Incredible, incombatible, speak in parables like neophytes
Coincide tight with might of urban joust
Super Smash Brothers with you
Eat peas, do the dishes, walk the dog, mow the lawn
Take your wii and shove it, I'm off pops, I'm gone, peace

Don't Joust
headless horseman, swordsman
Smashin pumpkin, dunkin your nuts
Cock riders block, leave hollow in the touch
Lyrics just oppose, joust if I must

your blouse while I joust another nigga's spouse
Quick Jamaican dick style all in they house
I practice to be the all access, you see the fact is
malpractice - a bang-all jam
I joust rappers and track in the radar scans
Flip beats for the crew like fleets and platoons
Reach for the moon like Reese
And crawled back for the children and stood up for more
And watched those same kids as adults
got bullshit vinyl kites callin women whores
Joust with junkies
to cut you with my gonzo
I'm like a warless sword, I'm digging into
Like you can joust defence
So many strokes and slashes let off
You ain't got not
But you don't here me though, Jem holla, this shit is goin down
So baby here we go
Invade your routes
Gernade your house
Bought a raze to joust

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