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Things to do when angry, young and bored

Johnny was only a lad
Johnny hates the scene
First he hit an old man
Then he hit and run Pauline
The record
of bloodsport, the slugs are still in wall
Call it a New York state of mind, gotta take mine
In the daytime, the Jakes'll hit ya forty-one times
So I live by
[Featuring Mac] 

[Master P] 

Dear Mr. President i live in the hood 

Where people live bad 

But say its all good 

And my homies
and the darkness
It's not too late, there's got to be a way
For me to escape all this nonsense

I've got to get away [x5]

They try and run my life
But that's
Live ammo hit the flesh 
And it feels so right 
I've embellished my life 
Now God please tell me is this what death's like? 
kept his innocence
Yo, yo 

[ chorus ] ( 2x ) 

[ P.R. Terrorist ] 

Yo, yo, yo 

We may bomb this, we seem harmless, check the calmest 

My palm hits
slow and dizzy 

everybody got it, aight let's get bizzy 

run up in the bank bitch 

(woman screams)hit the deck 

yo bust money,and get
is such a drag. (x4)

For all of y'all keepin young and hell, 
Just to live life and enjoy yourself. 
'Cause it's cool when you fucking with
Feeling like my life froze
I'm about to hit the ground

I do it 'cause I feel it
Live it like I'm talkin'
Flow so straight but won't a nigga
on this album if my man's and them rise

[Method Man]
Now speed it up, uh

[Chorus 2X: Run]
Run really make ya wanna drop, drop
Now wanna make ya go live
wasn't due till ten
But they they just might run a special if they knew that dad was comin' in
The mighty scream of the 9:15 tore through the winter night
give your man a pound
Let him know what's going down take a pull and hold it now
Back to matters we call the rhyme data
Home run batter shutting down
The dust settles after a hit and run 
Bewildered by the damage done 
I don't know why we chose the roads we travel 
Or how a life could get so
really wanted was to hit and run
How she did me I could swear she was the one
I was thinking this was a one night stand
Never really plan to be your man
{Aight, what's goin on, what's goin on
What's the deal pa, where you headed son?}

(Yo I'm bout to go to the studio and lay smash hit
Wit my Uncle Run
Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X) 

One more road to cross 

One more risk to take 

Gotta live my life 

like there's one more move to make 

man on drunk (fool)
She want to hit n' run (errr)
Yeah, that?s the speed 
That?s what we do 
That?s who we be 
be	-L-A-see-K -E -why-E-D-P
Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X) 

One more road to cross 

One more risk to take 

Gotta live my life 

like there's one more move to make 

Time is short and my life is sick 
That's how it is man look at this shit 
You get abused by street platoons 
Hit you like wind
to the depot the express wasn't due till ten
But who knows it might run a special if daddy's comin' in
That mighty scream of the 9:15 wripped through the winter
was hood
But them rappers don't live there they live in Hollywood

Oh surrounded by security and police
But you claim gangsta bullshit pussy nigga
[Chorus (2x)]
Hey yo, I heard that you died
Fuck that, it's time to get live
Dead bodies let's all take a ride
Lean to the left and slide (the headless
No bullets so the ratty’s run away
Set the ratty over there
He dragging my girl by the hair
She’s tryin' her best to get away
He punching my
(Chorus: Repeat 2X)
And even though you gone, your memory lives on
And on yeah, and even though you died

You still my nigga, my nigga, my niggas
I met
younger days 
Over gangsa ass beats 
And I, 
Hit the weed 
Til myeye balls bleed 
While my life is corrupted 
By lust and greed 
Serve you anything

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