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Black shades, Johnny Cage, diamonds go parade
Motorola in the kitchen, whippin' Sonya
My plug look like Pacquiao, his daughter is Kitana
Young rich
Because I'd rather play Mortal Combat anyway hey
I'm all about my Johnny Cage
If you're not bringing tacos I suggest you start to walk away
Bitch don't
know, and still love it
Shady flow, Johnny Cage, chain flow, Johnny Dang
Been balling, six bottles, talk with such expensive slang
I got geechi on 'em,
wie Johnny Cage
Verantwortung auf Kommi nehm'
Oft im Leben Schwein gehabt, mach Formfilet
Longies drehen
Nilpferd in der Achterbahn im Lebensspiel
a couple of ways
Diamonds in it, blaze
Smoking on dope, haze
Flex on the bitch, Johnny Cage
Got infrared beam on the stage
The coco, the chronic,
front page, Johnny Cage had a gauge
Move somethin, act bad, this game had a trigger
(..?..) take no shit and didn't fall none of them niggas
Hold em
Johnny Cage with my shades
She's a fireball, Liu Kang
Makes me feel like she really fucks with me
Ayy, put her trust in me
Sharin' all her love with me
'bout to spray
Hold up, bust in her hair, Milky Way
Hold up, kick shit, Johnny Cage, yeah
Hold up, she the bomb like a damn grenade
Hold up, light
a skitzofranic that's makin you panic when I pull this gage
I do more licks and throw more kicks, than Johnny Cage
I'm fuckin what you been talkin,
Knuck if you buck
Knuck if you buck
Knu' knu' knu' knu' knu' knu', knuck if you buck boy

Jumpin off from on the stage
Throwin'dem bows like Johnny Cage

Jumpin off from on the stage
Throwin'dem bows like Johnny Cage
All my n****s startin' riots
Knockin down the barracade
Everywhere we be
couloirs du métro
Et Johnny Hallyday en cage à Médrano

Oh, Yeah !
Si je porte des chemises à fleurs
C'est que je suis en avance de deux ou trois longueurs
But tell me, ain't your child
How can you cage a bird
Born to be wild

I'm Johnny Raven
(He's Johnny Raven)
By and by (By and By)
Oh, I'm going
Johnny's out cruising down the fast food strip
He rides the high-wheeler Ford
He's down here every evening since the school let out
An ordinary
on fait l’odo
Mais dans le crime on plonge pour y sortir comme Laure Manaudou 
La jeunesse allume le feu plus vite que Johnny
On squatte les
you cage a bird
Born to be wild

I'm Johnny Raven by and by
Oh, I'm going to leave your nest girl
Another nest to try
Ooh Johnny Raven
cage a bird born born to be wild

Johnny Raven
By and by
You're going to leave my nest
Another nest to try

Johnny Raven
I believe your
Safe in the sweaty palm of God's hand

I can still hear Georgia singin' through the kitchen window
One farm over Johnny joined up with Uncle Sam
the animals hunting everything for something more or less

Lock all your animals in cages
Hide your weaknesses forget your fears
Live by the laws you made
In a golden cage
I'm goofy and 
But she runs hot and cold
Its a relief to get marchin' orders
And just do just what I'm told

Tonight we jack
stop we found another strand ya'll
Searchin' for the dank the space cage roll
Coffee Shop stop my lungs are gettin' lovely
Amsterdam a place called home
that she wrote
Johnny Apollo before the charge
A chaos of regrets a human cage
In Georgiana street Camden town
The years of shame were cut away
one meaner than a cougar in a cage
And the biggest one swaggered right up to the stage

He said, “We've heard everybody from David Allen Coe
To Chuck
Let’s make it last forever. 

On that bogalo shrimp no zip, while I, I’m gonna live (live),
R Cash White Stripes.
I'm bustin' outta my cage (cage),
one meaner than a cougar in a cage
And the biggest one swaggered right up to the stage

He said, â??Weâ??ve heard everybody from David Allen Coe

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