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and creed
Gets exactly what they need
God bless Johnny Appleseed.
You're flying like a fly
In a sky blue sky
You'll be important to the important people
When you die
And I'll settle for a medal
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Now, man, who was talking shit about Johnny anyway?
He's down for the cause, holmes

He's making sure his garden grows
He'll plant
Rustling in the leaves

Nothin? you wanna spread around

Like Johnny Appleseed


In my waking memory

You're always

In my waking memory

keep the faith.
He reminds me of Johnny Appleseed
Right down to his apple core.
Though his bag's getting empty he's already won.
Planted dreams are
Set 'em afloat on a Merchant's Boat, set sail for Johnny Appleseed 
Johnny planted the magic seeds. 
Botany, POOF!: Magic Trees 
Paul Bunyan said,
Lord, there goes Johnny Appleseed
He might pass by in the hour of need
There's a lot of souls
Ain't drinking from no well locked in a factory
So now they're fuckin' with the ghost of Johnny Appleseed.
And he's a charitable spirit, but not so Christ-like 
He wouldn't take his tin-pot hat
Johnny Appleseed
But I'm glad that I never passed the gins
And I never put down the axe
Piano man got checkered dance floor
The grace and the painful look
you're fuckin' Venus
At ease, here's a tissue for your nose bleed
Watch this Zoo God seize, like seeds, that of Johnny Appleseed
You want to battle?
that Johnny Appleseed and that frozen cup
We grew up, but ain't you sister Jean cousin (cousin)
Just cause we older that don't mean nothin (nothin)
hoes i cheated
Devour like its sour like Johnny Appleseed
I intrude,
Hoes call me rude
Bitch I'm smooth,
whatch ya fuckin attitude
blast from
set like cruise control speed
Satisfy my lyrical semen, plants my Johnny Apple-seed
Mental slave grip on your brain like white people
My music will