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ever made
John was cool
He never did no after school
Late at night when he praised the Lord
He laid his hands down upon the bloody sword
John, St
to say was: 

F yez all, F yez all, F yez all, F yez all 

St John Of Gods, St John Of Gods 
St John Of Gods, St John Of Gods 

See the man, 
The crushed
Avenue gets hollow and mean
And on a big day it works like a machine
Outside Stockton gets hot like a glove
Swift St., John's St. into Michell's Cove
Avenue gets hollow and mean
And on a big day it works like a machine
Outside Stockton gets hot like a glove
Swift St., John's St. into Michell's Cove
(Pete St. John)
Low lie the fields of athenry where once
We watched the small free birds
Fly, our love was on the wing, we had
Dreams and songs
When she had twenty years she turned to her mother
Saying Mother, I know that you'll grieve
But I've given my soul to St John the gambler
And they wandered in 
From the city of St. John 
Without a dime 
Wearing coats that shined 
Both red and green
Colors from their sunny island
I'll gladly sing along won't change my tune 
And in the end St. Johns says all things shall be revealed 
Like violence like violence like violence in
and an apple
Say the bells of Whitechapel

Old Father Baldpate
Say the slow bells of Aldgate
Pokers and tongs
Say the bells of St. John's


You still got that belle dragging my foots yes

Building tumbling down

Didn't know our love was so small
Couldn't stand at all

Mister St. John
Coney Island
Coming down from Downpatrick
Stopping off at St. John's Point
Out all day birdwatching
And the craic was good
Stopped off
That fell into the sea
That vanished in the sea

You're alive and good St. John
As the AM waves the horn [unverified]
You belong as much to me
She was pregnant in May
Now they're on their way
Dashing through the snow
To St. John's, here we go

Well, it could be a boy
But it's okay if
I must be going, but I swear I won't be long
There isn't that much ocean between Boston and St John's
But I'm a rover, and I'm bound to sail away
Might find my dream, just West of New Orleans 
If you pole up the bayou St. John 
The way twin fiddles play 
And she squeezes her box 'til dawn 
the Old Polina 
You need not try my sons
We challenged all both great and small 
From Dundee to St John's

Art Jackman set his canvas
Fair Weather
st john the seagulls swing 

The statues stare they're whispering
December's the look in your eyes
This couldn't mean that much to you not to know
two-hundred pounds
They held you high above the ground
Get down, get down tonight
You rode the wave that shot me down
Brought the St. John's lads around
gonna follow that water
And find my dream

Where St. John be waiting on me
To wash my sins away
Hey St. Christopher pray for me
Cause baby I'm on my
went up to John St Park and there I met an old lady feeding ducks
The back of her hand had been bleeding and she didn't even know it
She told me I'd be
herding her flocks on the hills of Glenshee

I stood in amazement, says I, "Pretty fair maid
If you will come down to St. John's Town with me
can be myself and live another day
Take me back to my southern ways
Where the tall pines blow and the St. John's flows, and only God - he

to the smoky lobby 
My eyes adjust to the light 
The new cashier looks like Jill St. John 
Can that be right? 
I'm rolling into the bar at Joey's 
Christmas tree, oh ooh oh, oh yeah

{piano solo by Dr. John}
Ooh, yeah, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, oh
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

[Dr. John]
people say she juggled fire in a dish
Clear day on the bayou of St. John
She raised her hands and caused a 'lectrical storm

She was a treacherous lady