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Moore in it
And it's, uh, Jesus is who I represent
George Bush is cool
But I nominate Him for president
in her Louis handbag
It ain't the end of the world, but it's like the end is starting
Adam Lanza killing 20 children in a kindergarten
Wade Michael
'cause they give it up quicker and they learn to pull a trigger

All role models on TV
Most of us ain't got a TV, you feel me?
Shit, Michael Jordan don't
blown up by Islamic extremists
In religion there's always drama
Whether worshipping the Prophet Mohammed or Jesus
Small pox to Napoleon's troops dying
a TV, you feel me?
Shit, Michael Jordan don't come through
I bet the nigga get the money when it time to sell his shoe
I'm telling you, I ain't puttin'
"I'm trying, not to lose..." 
"I'm trying, not to lose my head..."

"I plan to tell you what it is later" 

Bet George and Bootsy, never had funk
couldn't believe it
Ban a kid from the country, I never fall, never timber
But you fucked up as a parent, your child idol’s a nigger
I clearly don't give
safely put
I'm not a devil, not speakin' in tongues
I just wanna touch your heart, I try to reach it in songs
I'm from where a child's future's in
psychedelic mic relic
Trained on a spiritual plane by angelic
Michael taught me to rock the mic well
Gabriel showed me how to read, write and spell
Rafael gave