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Can you feel it slip away, well it's all on you

Crime, Crime, rockin' like Janet Reno
Time, Time, 18 and life in Chino
Freud, Freud, all along it's
Saved my soul
Made me new
Now I live for You

My heart is alive and my spirit free
In the Saviour
Gave His life for me
By Your Word
We will be
Verse 1
The greatest gift for me
Is not under the tree
But it lays deep inside
And with hope it comes alive

It's not a holiday
Nor is it in
rules the earth, the wind, the sky
(In control of the situation)
He knew that

Prayer is alive and well today
(It's a matter of dedication)
the spark
Of true Christmas alive
She said we may not have some things
That other people do
But Christmas is for everyone
And were Gods children too
are captured by You
Surrender to You
We'll never be same
Cause You are here
We're alive to praise You,
Give our glory to You
We'll never be same
the quarter was coming alive
A man on the corner told me that Jesus is coming soon
But I was lost in the music and the crowd and the smell of cheap perfume
It's time for us to lift our hands until the world understands Jesus
the reigning King is alive and well today.
Well, I'd be dead by thirty-three
That was my best guess
But hey, here I am this morning
Singing happy birthday to me

As I clean up all this mess
James line by line,
And tells me "Son, Jesus is the way."

Her husband passed in '85,
But she still keeps their love alive.
Kisses his photograph
But you still believe the American Dream 
Is alive and well 
I'm one of you 
Yeah I'm one of you 
No your not by yourself 
There's somebody here
at last that my love is safe 
Ah but when i go away my love i leave 
Lord i'm but half a man without her by my side 
She's this memory that i hold all
You're wasting your time, he's taking me home

Well he put a song in my heart so I can stand up and scream from the top of my lungs
Jesus is alive and he's
The way things used to be, well not anymore
Close your eyes, open up your door
Well I'm not tired, I'm coming alive
But you make up on, let's go
at last that my love is safe 
Ah but when i go away my love i leave 
Lord i'm but half a man without her by my side 
She's this memory that i hold all
what I want
But I look at some of the faces all haggard and gaunt
And I wonder which thing made them lose their dream
Cause mine is alive very much it
has sparked this
The spirit's alive while the flesh is a carcass
If you're seriously curious about my past
Well I once was lost but I'm free at last!
of divine comedy
Told about Jesus, told about the rain
She told me about the jungle where her brothers were slain
By the man who had been dyin', who
won the victory (ohh), He reigns on high (My god is alive and well)
Our God is risen (yes He is), He is alive (yes He is)
He won the victory (come
It’s been that way since the git go,
It’s been that way since the git go
Well it’s been that way since the git go,
Lord it’s always been that way
Restore the joy of our salvation
Revive us again

Love is alive and exciting
If we only let it take control
Drink from the fountain, it's so inviting
Proven in theory your heart can be lost by the brain.
Staring hard the devil is just out of frame.
Mother where are you?
I love you I'm right
Buddha, Muhammad or Krishna
Or any others who succumb to death
Ladies and gentlemen
On the other side of the courtroom
Is Jesus Christ of Nazereth
Woman shined the apple, and the man had to take a bite
Anything that good, God knows, just had to be right
Well they woke up naked with a bit headache
diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe
Diamonds are forever (forever, forever, forever)
The Roc is still alive every time I rhyme
Forever ever? Forever

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