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in flesh the Godhead see
 Hail th'incarnate Deity!
 Pleased as Man with man to dwell
 Jesus, our Emmanuel!

 Hark! The herald angels sing..etc
find no place to born she child,
Not a single room was in sight.

Hark, now hear the angels sing...etc.

By and by they find a little nook

I try to be a Godly man
I try to walk in the steps of Jesus
I disregard the Lord's command
When I walk through my journey
Untouched by human
three links of chain,
Every link was Jesus name.
Pharoah's  army got drownded
Oh, Mary don't you weep.
Mary wore three links of chain,
Every link was
from here?

No, ah.. which one is it?

(burp) excuse me. It's the one by the airport... you know... cause we gotta get up early an'.. fly outta here in
What did you care?
etc. etc.

Anything and everything can be so easily institutionalised,
A poor parody of itself. Itself contained by itself.