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Once you hear the whistle, even Grandmas is stackin' up on old wooden pistols 
Nobody's thinking by the time you're done blinking 
Cold freezer,
Through the iridescent rain
In this heavy atmosphere
Nothing makes a sound
But the beating of my heart

Broken down and torn to shreds
worse than it was (nooo)
Playin marbles (playin marbles) hit by a bus (hit by a bus)
Death is sweet (death is sweet) hell sucks (sucker)
Damien probably
of War like Mars
That leave MC's smashed but my Squad, is odd
Y'all never seen relish, but always seem jealous
Of my extreme fellas, rockin' the ?
poundin' the curb
Jealous of nothin', mine is bigger than yours
Standin' still, y'all runnin' with herbs
I stole the soul motherfucker, I ain't bringin'
(No doubt)

Pull up in a bentley straight Thugged out
Heavy metal, extreame ghetto and bugs
And only converse on my pedal 'cause all I wear is
of your crying,
Jealous cause we striving and inspired by truths,
They know nothing bout surviving with the times and the news,
And whole image is a lie
now, white powder now 

He owed us money so I watched my niggas tie him down 

The conflict is crucial, police is neutral in this battlefield
of your body, away from your soul
The tote baby is heavy, the level of your waters' maximum
Baby don't drown, it's so profound so be watchin your actions

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