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You don't know me
Jarrod's my name
I can hear your hate
From light years away
You think we're waiting
You probably think we're prey
But we're coming
at the park until it's dark I'm smoking heaters I be rolling up cigars in Jarrod's car she a Keeper but I gotta chase a bag I broke her heart aye

Put my money
Kathy I miss you I know you're looking down proud 
Ivy and Aunt Heavy save me a spot up there 
The world can get tough but they never had a care
me this shit was forever
My first heartbreak
Told Jarrod I done lost my mojo dawg
Came up so hard
Like walking on water
With birkenstocks
I want
a chorus of clowns, which is you
I'll make you frown
Riley, you can't hum this away 
Cause Riley, we all know your mom got big gay

You say Jarrod deserved
don't we blame his dad (Misunderstood I don't know what)

Jarrod put on his leather he didn't think of the weather
You would have thought that he would
bussy bop
Your nigga cop me diamonds cuz my bussy pops
Then take you out to diner and you whining cuz your bussy flops
I met this nigga named Jarrod
Gotta get my hands dirty, pull that mask out
Get caught by King Von, boy, you assed out
See, I'm tweakin' again
Lost Jarrod, I can't see him again
"Girl Pusher," wow

You ain't real, you're a Jarrod
I'll show you how I really feel (yeah)
White boy better put his hands up, I'm ready

And I'm

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